3 things he needs to know before he commits

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3 things he needs to know before he commits
LISTEN OCT 29, 2016

He's watching you…all the time. We often forget that despite spending time with someone, the time we spend with others also plays a major role in how you're judged by your significant other.

Relationship expert Matthew Hussey explains the 3 stages of dating that can influence how your significant other perceives you.

Here are the 3 things your he needs to know before he commits to you:

Showing that you are capable with strangers
It's unattractive when you're rude to waiters or parking attendants. Also, he shouldn't need to feel like he's babysitting you when you attend some of his work functions or introduces you to a group of strangers.

He needs to see you as a warm and kind person, but most importantly, enough of your own person to handle any situation. That's sexy.

Give his friends/family time
Show interest in the people that are important in his life. Family and friends that he cherishes – including their opinions.

Show that you encourage him to spend time with them. Be supportive of his healthy relationships with other people aside from the with you.

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