Will You Tell Mum If A boy Proposed?

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As a young boy or girl you will surely be over the moon if someone of the opposite sex told you you were pretty or handsome.

You would feel even better if that person proposed love to you.

And the first person whom you will go whispering to would be your best friend. Your parents, obviously are the last people you would want to learn about this proposal.

But I bet you the best person to share such secrets with is your mother and that would make you two very good friends.

Sharing your happy and sad moments, experiences and secrets with mum could be very exciting indeed.


Wait a minute: Has any of you ever thought of the fact that your parents have ever gone through the stage that you find yourself in now and would have experienced all that you are encountering?

Yes, their times were different, but girls having crushes on boys, boys proposing to girls, pressure to have sex, etc. didn't start in your time. Your parents also lived through all these.

You would feel shy sharing such experiences with mum or dad, but don't think it's impossible.


Honestly, sometimes your parents also find it difficult talking to you about love, sex, etc.?


So once you muster courage to set the ball rolling your mum will gladly open up and give you all the needed support.

Building a strong relationship with your parents depends heavily on keeping the lines of communication widely open.


Begin by talking about issues that happen everyday. For instance, what happened in school, some silly mistake you made in class, during games, stories your friends told you, and many more.


You cannot tell her everything from the beginning but start now and with time you would be talking about important things relating to your sexuality.


In no time, you would realise that you are discussing everything and that would be very good and fruitful.

Then you will realise that discussing issues with your mum could be more interesting than you thought.


Can you imagine discussing proposals from boys with your mum? No?


That is possible once you start talking with her today. Make it less formal.


 It will surprise you that it will get to a point that she will even share her childhood encounters with boys with you.


Then she might slot in some of the terms and jargons used by boys to woo her when she was your age.


When it gets to that level, feel free and throw in all your questions.

Seize every opportunity to seek her advice regarding how to go about issues with the opposite sex.

After each discussion, things will get better and you could have more frequent conversations, which, apart from helping you deal with the problems you face as a teenager, will also strengthen your relationship with mum, and you would be the envy of many of your friends.

They would wonder how you get on so well with your mum and even tell her about boys or girls who 'chase' you.

I promise you that your parents, especially mum, would be very happy that you drew close to her to talk about delicate issues, including sex.


Story by  Adeline Koramoah

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