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Smartphone Addiction; Worst Lifestyle of the 21st Century

By Prince Barak
Smartphone Addiction; Worst Lifestyle of the 21st Century

In his 48 laws of power, Robert Green advises that you should never commit to a cause other than yourself. In this smartphone era, we are not only committed to a lifestyle that is hazardous to our health, but it also has a psychological and emotional impact on us.

In times of need, people do not think for themselves or seek expert guidance. lnstead, they turn to social media for assistance. They take social media advice more seriously than professionals. Do we even have time to listen to radio, the most authentic source of information anymore?

It is typical to observe people, particularly young people, using their phones while driving. How could we be so callous with our own lives? People who are addicted to their smartphones don’t care about all the activity and careless driving on the road.

Aside from the risk of being involved in a car accident while using a smartphone, there is also the risk of taking the wrong medication by seeking guidance on social media. It is common knowledge that the majority of accidents in our communities are the result of this severe addiction.

People who are glued to their smartphones are more likely to be fooled by scammers because they tend to believe everything they see online. Having said that, some of these addictions have broken relationships, driven adultery, and led to a variety of fake or negative behaviors.

Those who find themselves in this addiction should seek psychological help, and the government should start enacting laws to curb this unhealthy behavior. Controlling this addiction will help to reduce certain crimes in our society.