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Love Out Loud ♥️

By Aniré Okene
Love Out Loud ♥️
LISTEN OCT 5, 2020

I laughed out loud when the idea of love out loud came to mind. And as cliché as it sounds, it's one of the most fundamental aspects of love. Being able to love freely without restrictions, without being afraid of being loved in return, goes a long way in freeing up our hearts to express love freely.

Have you ever had to hold back how you feel just so the person you're loving up on doesn't take you for granted? Have you been in a situation where you've had to pretend not to care so much just so you could protect your heart from being hurt again?

Love is a risk! It's a chance we have to take regardless of how things turn out. Like me, I'm sure you've been hurt one too many times. I'm sure your trust has been betrayed & your ego bruised because of this love matter. But like me, I know you've had to pick your heart back up & give love another try. Why?! Because you & I are creatures of love. We're destined to love regardless of the experiences & paths we have to go through, all in the name of love.

Love freely without remorse. Let your convictions determine your conclusions. Because in the end, love always wins!

- With Love, From Love.

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