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01.03.2019 Lifestyle

Few Land Mines To Avoid When Blogging

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Few Land Mines To Avoid When Blogging
LISTEN MAR 1, 2019

Blogging I would state is constrained to the individuals who appreciate expounding on their thoughts and opinions. Not every person can be focused on blogging as its requests consistency. That is the reason most association procure bloggers for their sites. Blogging when you’re comfortable is a great way to keep people in the loop about what is important to you. It is also a great way to represent your organization by sharing information back and forth, especially if you start learning from experiencing other people’s blogs. Blogging is fun, empowering and a great way to build the face of an organization, but it’s also some people’s version of standing naked on stage (Brogen, 2010). With all the advantages and benefits accompanied with blogging, there are a few red flags to avoid when blogging about yourself, your organization or your services and we would be taking a critical look at them below.

Here are some land mines to avoid when blogging;
Don’t reply a potty or unruly comment
It is alright when your blog pulls in a remark as most readers like to leave their opinion on your blogs behind. It’s a plus when you get a remark as it would enable you to comprehend what your perusers think about your blog or articles. Moreover, it's okay to expel potty and unruly talks from your blog’s comment section. There are cases you just shade the put-downs or rowdy trolls that may pursue your sites. When these come, you just take what you need to and ignore.

Try not to erase remarks on the comment section

It’s essential as bloggers regardless of how censuring a remark might appear, attempt as much as you cannot erase the remark. In simple terms don't erase remarks that condemn or criticize you. The aim is simply asking for a fight and that is an extremely poor preference for writing. Rather, you ought to welcome the remark and stay quiet about your assessment, acknowledge the positive reactions and get rid of ruinous ones yet recall all remarks come through to help you cautiously understand what individuals think about your writing, not your personality.

Careful with Plagiarisms
This is a basic piece of writing as it is constantly critical to the point that when repurposing other people’s content, you take the proper authorization or references them. You can likewise learn about the creative commons and understand the difference between RSS making it easy for people to consume content and steal content; a hot button with creative types. Keep in mind that whatever you plan to expound on, has already been thought by someone else and written by another. Just try to make your writing as unique as it can be. You can run them on plagiarism checks to be sure your contents are unique

Avoid junks on your blogs
Posting junks or post press releases are a waste of energy, time and money because the simple truth is no one will read them. People like to read stuff that would be beneficial to their health and lifestyles. Endeavor to be imaginative in satisfying interests than posting marketing ads or promotions on your blog. Don’t leave your readers bored and disappointed. There are times readers suggest topics to delve into, research about them and produce the required information they are dying to hear.

Be open as you can be
You must understand that your blog in yours and no one else. You determine what should be written and public opinion. Attempt to keep your blog open to more fascinating highlights and themes more than constraining it to simply pitching about yourself, your organization and services. Focus on different topics; business wise, health, politics, diaspora, lifestyles, religion, etc. Give readers a wide range of segments to choose from, this will, in the long run, create traffic for your blogs

Enjoy the blogging experience and avoid this pitfall and I believe you will be just fine.

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