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22.02.2019 Lifestyle

Shopping Tips: Knowing When To Shop

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Shopping Tips: Knowing When To Shop
LISTEN FEB 22, 2019

I don’t know about you, but I love shopping. As a rule term, I can tell everyone adores shopping especially when things are so affordable you want to fly. We appreciate quality and quantity, but these terms accompany money. Imagine if you can get quantity and quality at an affordable price. When it comes to shopping, there so many ways you can save money. We will look at a few tips;

Shop in season

From clothing to foodstuff to utensils, there is a season for everything. You understand when you purchase stuff at due seasons you get it and at generally less expensive costs. This makes you spare loads of money. Well known strip malls such as Jumia, Melcom times cut down on their cost at specific periods and seasons. Seasons like Christmas, Easter, valentine day, mother’s day, Father's Day, etc. There is so many seasons in the year you could do your shopping at relatively cheaper prices. For foodstuffs, you can think of the seasons for the harvest of some particularly fruits, vegetables, yams etc.

Buy whole foods

It is always advisable to buy food in whole than in bits because you realize that putting those bits together would be much more expensive if you can buy them in whole. Whole foods are cheaper than foods that have been processed. For example, whole chickens are typically less expensive than chicken parts or cut-up chicken.

Buy stuff in bulk

It is always advisable to buy in bulk as prices change every now and then. When you buy in bulk you cover for the time's prices increase and you set aside extra cash for what's to come. Many supermarkets offer foods such as coffee, tea, candy, nuts, cereal, flour, sugar and spices in bulk (unpacked qualities). Because labor and packaging are reduced, you save money.