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6 Signs That Shows That You Are Dating A Sex Addict

6 Signs That Shows That You Are Dating A Sex Addict

Sex life can be scary at times, especially when you are dating a sex addict. His crazy obsession with sex makes it difficult for the other partner to keep up with it.

It is one of the addictions that is difficult to detect and treat. Here are six common tell-tale symptoms of a sex dynamo…

He always dominates you in bed

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Such people take charge between the sheets all the time. They don’t care what their partner might be feeling and have an insatiable appetite for sex. Eventually, the other partner starts feeling like playing the part of a puppet in sex. They are selfish lovers who only look for their own gratification.

He flirts with girls all the time

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Sex addicts are generally commitment phobic, and flirt with almost every girl they come across. For such guys, flirting is a way to get friendly with their potential victims and satisfy their constant urge for sex. Plus, they are compulsive liars and ergo, are good at hiding all this stuff with other partners.

When ‘no’ is not an answer

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This is one of the most common signs. Their urge for sex is never ending and they become extremely furious if their partner resists having sex whenever they demand it. In fact, it may even lead to blackmailing or physical harassment.

He is secretive about his cell phone and laptop

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They like to keep their mobile, laptop and similar electronic gadgets password protected, and never ever leaves them lying around. Also, they never let their partners use them without logging out from everywhere and their love for porn is beyond one’s imagination.

He masturbates even after sex

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Many sex addicts masturbate even after having sex. Their sex drive is too high, and such people get aroused by almost anything and everything.

His past matters

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Sex addicts can go to any lengths, and cheating on multiple partners in the past is not a big deal for them. While cheating is not uncommon nowadays, sex addicts are serial cheaters and may have multiple relationships at a single point of time.

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