A Valentine Poem: RE: Dearest

By myjoyonline
A Valentine Poem: RE: Dearest
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I look beyond the vastness of this barren desert;
When innocent eyes perceive me a princess
And yet pool of tears streamed out of my closet
For no one could cheer this gem so priceless
Oh! How swiftly the hour glass fills
Times unhappy are washed by the raging sea.
I remember you a supple young man
Stealing glances at the princess who seemed beyond reach

Your best efforts were just specks of dust; an empty pun

A dozen wooed me with gifts and stuffs to teach
For as you knew, I was a weak student;
Haha; Yes, all you had was your poetry.
Poetry! Lousy words written on scrabbled papers,
Making no sense to me and yet spinning my thoughts
I laughed with my girls and threw them away in tatters

And yet the words kept burning my soul.
My heart was bound by the life in those scrabbled papers.

What of you caught my eye?
Cobby my dear; that is a question
That I would carry to the grave with me.
For I no not the answer and care not what it is.
Indeed Cupid is coming to town,
Ready to pierce innocent hearts
To confuse and raise questions about love and sex.
On cupid's day, I need no chocolate, nor flowers
But your strong hands combing my hair.
My love is forever in your gentle eyes;
In the bosom of your beautiful hairy chest;
The confusing poetry of your pen
And the air of your being.
Your Valentine;

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