21.06.2007 Social Issues

She Quit Because Of My False Tooth

By Daily Graphic
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I've been going out with a lovely lady I love so much.We had been seeing each other for barely six months when we began making preparations towards marriage. We will start counselling in a few weeks.

She assures me daily of her love for me and I have felt very happy in the relationship. My lady is very critical and detail minded. She spent a night with me sometime last week and all hell broke loose when she found out I have a false tooth.

She has abruptly ended the relationship. Her reason is that I never told her about my false tooth when I proposed to her.

I'm so confused and disturbed and I don't know what to do. Please help me, my heart is breaking.


Dear Kofi, what did you expect when you didn't tell her your teeth were not real? Nobody enjoys unpleasant surprises.

Remember, you want to spend the rest of your life with her and if you cannot tell her you wear dentures, then I guess she would be wondering what else you are hiding from her.

I can imagine her surprise when she saw the space where a set of teeth should have been.

Anyway, I sympathise with you but I can understand your lady as well. Maybe you didn't lie to her but you didn't volunteer information.

How would you feel if she didn't tell you about something as delicate as this before you got married? You treated the issue lightly and now you are paying for it.

I suggest you have a chat with her and let her know how sorry you are for not telling about your false teeth and let's hope she will forgive you and go ahead to marry you. Let her know all that there is to know about you.

This means no more unpleasant surprises. Good luck.

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