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Examining Email Headers for Revealing the Faces Behind Cyber Crime Activities
Emails have become a very vital part of our lives whether for personal reasons, to fulfill official needs or other confidential data sharing purpose. But ruining your business or personal life is also just a click away with the sudden rise in the hacking arena. This is usually done by people either in competition with you or the ones having any personal rivalry with you. Modifying the details of an email header is one of the ways of performing such offensive activities. An email header stores the kind of information which travels along with a respective email message, consisting of the details related to the sender, the route followed for sending the mail, and receiver details. An email header consists of information similar to an air ticket, like the one who booked it, departure, route followed, and arrival information. As well as one can easily fake the information and most commonly these practices are executed by spammers. Modifying such vital details of an email message may make it an
anonymous message which is unrecognizable by the receiver giving rise to need of examining email headers to detect the sender.

The following portion of the segment is to discuss about the email header viewing and examining procedure and the accurate source which must be used for executing the analysis procedure.

Examining Mail Headers For Forensic Evidence Analysis

Basically, analyzing or in simple words, view an email header is very simple when performed manually but the results are not as accurate you might anticipate. Most desktop email clients like Outlook and webmail services like Gmail have the option of displaying email header and other internal details of an email. But they might just miss out on any sort of modification done with the IP address and system details that were used for processing the email, if any.

When the analysis is being performed in for forensic purpose as part of an investigation then accurate and in depth details are necessary to be revealed. Hence, for examining mail headers usage of a proper and reliable application is necessary.

External applications help investigators in analyzing every single detail of an email header like its MIME view, properties, hex information, etc which may help in revealing the suspect of an offensive email message. Once, the accurate details regarding the real IP, and the modified IP and system details are found, the culprit behind such an violative activity can be caught easily.

MailXaminer is amongst such highly reputed digital forensic examiner applications which help examining mail headers flawlessly and profoundly. One can even download email examiner for free to test its working prior to purchase.

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