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Mahama is coming for revenge, don’t vote for him - Nicholas Omane Acheampong warn Ghanaians

  Mon, 15 Apr 2024
Nicholas Omane AcheampongNicholas Omane Acheampong

Renowned Ghanaian musician, Nicholas Omane Acheampong, has urged Ghanaians not to cast their votes for former President John Dramani Mahama in the upcoming elections.

According to him, Mahama has no future elections to contest, hence he has nothing to lose and would consequently subject the people of Ghana to hardship if given another chance in office.

In a video message that has rapidly circulated on social media platforms, Acheampong emphasized the importance of electing a president who is accountable and challenged to perform better by the prospect of future elections.

He expressed concern that Mahama’s return to power would only bring about revenge and retribution, rather than progress and development for the nation.

“Mahama is coming for revenge. He is coming to pay the people of Ghana back for voting him out in 2016. He does not have any election to contest so he should not be considered,” Acheampong declared in the viral video.

He urged the electorate to instead vote for a candidate who would actively seek their support in future elections, thereby remaining accountable to the people.”

“Let's vote for someone who will come and beg for our votes so that he will be accountable, not someone who does not have any election ahead of him,” Acheampong emphasized.

He cautioned that allowing Mahama to assume the presidency once more would lead to increased suffering and hardship for the citizens of Ghana.

Acheampong’s remarks come amidst heightened political fervour in Ghana as the country prepares for its upcoming elections.

His passionate plea serves as a reminder to voters to carefully consider the implications of their choices and to prioritize candidates who demonstrate a commitment to the welfare and progress of the nation.