Make Homemade Fish Feed

By Grace Li
Health homemade fish feed
JUL 9, 2018 LISTEN homemade fish feed

Dry ingredients
• Four cans flour
• Three cans fishmeal,
• One can starch,
• Five spoonfuls cooking oil or water,
• One vitamin packet or vegetable left over
• One mineral packet or wilting vegetable leaves.

Wet ingredients
1. Choose between bananas, bread fruit, cassava, or Taro as the starch. Cook it.

2. Mash enough to fill up the soup can once and put it into the wet ingredients’ bowl.

3. Fill the soup can twice with water, add to the same bowl, and mix it together with the starch.

4. You can also mash the sweet potato, add the egg yolk to the same bowl and mix it.

• First, mix the wet and dry ingredient mixtures in a bowl. Knead it to make dough.

• Once the dough feels crumby, pour five spoonfuls of oil or on the dough and knead it to blend well.

• Tear off little pieces and roll them between your palms into small balls [about 2-3 inches].

• One by one, place the balls on a mesh screen and use your thumb to push the dough from one side of the screen through to the other.

• Then, use your hands to scrape the little pieces of dough from the screen. Or you can put sufficient dough into the mincer and start grinding, cut the strips of minced dough into the required size. These little pieces are called pellets and voila fish food!

• Optional: You can add snail meat to the feed mixture.

• Spread the pellets on a plate and put them somewhere sunny.

• After a day, they should be properly dry.
•Put them into a feed bag and keep in dry place.

feeding the fish
Now that you are though with the process, feed your fish every day and, soon your fish will grow big for you to eat. Feed the fish twice or thrice a day and your fish will grow fast.

The Method
Step 1. Measure and mix the dry ingredients in a large bowl.

Step 2.. Then fill the soup can with fishmeal and put it in same bowl and repeat this three times.

Step 3. Add one vitamin packet and one mineral packet to the bowl as well or vegetable left over or wilting vegetable leaves.

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