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Jun 14, 2016 | Technology

How to Restore Windows XP Backup Files When NTBackup.exe Fails?

NTBackup is a costless tool integrated in the Windows Operating System for backup creation purposes. Users are sometimes stuck in situations of data loss or their data is either inaccessible or corrupted. Users cannot afford to lose their data every now and then, as it can be crucial both; personally or professionally in the form of files, images, music, videos, etc. This type of situation can occur because of many reasons, and some of them are as follows:

  • Abnormal Desktop Shut-down
  • Malware / Virus Attack
  • CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) Errors
  • Hardware or Software Corruption
  • Catalog File Goes Missing
  • Sudden Power Cut
  • Human Errors

If in case, your backup file has corrupted, then you cannot regain its access without the use of a third party tool. You can recognize that NTBackup tool is unable to restore your backup file when it shows any of the following errors:

  • The backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used
  • Cannot copy backup
  • 0x8007007B



How to Restore Windows XP Backup Files?

Generally, this type of situation is very common these days. Therefore, the best solution in such a case would be to implement the use of third party tools like- SysTools BKF Recovery Tool, which can effortlessly repair corrupted or inaccessible BKF files. You can use this tool without any technical expertise, as it is very simple, flexible, user-friendly, and safe to be used. The trial version can first be used to get an overview of the tool before purchasing its Licensed Version.

Steps to Use BKF Recovery Tool

Step1: Run the software

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Step 2: Browse the file to be repaired and select the SCAN option to search and load the BKF file to be scanned.

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Step 3: Select the file and then click on OPEN button.

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Step 4: Check mark on the particular file, which you want to view.

ydt2xkj77q step5

Step 5: Select any of the two given options according to your suitability. Click on Extract button to begin.


If you have any issues, regarding the failure of NTBackup Tool that has left you with no option to restore your backup, then you can download BKF Recovery Tool. You can recover your backup files and restore its contents in their original format. This is the best tool with many advanced features that supports all the versions of Windows like 10 and below.

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