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Nov 7, 2013 | Business

How Can Choose a Suitable Die for Flat Die Pellet Mill?

According to the incomplete statistics, the cost of wear and tear of ring die takes up 30% of the maintenance cost for the whole workplace and the quality of feed pellet has an great influence on feed sales. So it is very important for feed producers to know how to choose the ring die. In the following, we will give an introduction.

Ring die is a kind of porous and ring wear part, whose wall is thin and die hole is densely covered. In addition, the assembly dimension is precise. Ring die is made of carbon steel or alloy steel or stainless steel by forging, machining, drilling die hole and heat treatment process.

At present, the quality of the ring die in the domestic market mainly depends on the different selection, the different process and the different control. In the small factory, the ring die is mainly made by forging, drilling die hole with the twist drill and then common heat treatment. Under the circumstance, there are many problems, such as the new mould must be approved by the long time of washing process, high energy consumption, low yield, the poor pellet and so on. What is worse, the service life is short and it is wearing. In addition, according to a survey, the iron content of feed is higher because of the usage of ring die. Finally, it will affect the formula of feed.

As we all know, when China joins in the World Trade Orgnization, only the good and cheap feed has strong competitiveness. So it is an urgent need for feed producers to reduce the cost and improve the quality of feed pellets. While, all the above is up to the quality of the ring die.

According to the working conditions, the producer should choose the stainless steel ring die. Because the service life of stainless steel is long. In addition, the die hole should be made by the gun drill in order to make die hole smooth. What is better, the ring die by vacuum heat treatment can be chosen in order to keep high wear resistance, high strength and the smoothness of die hole. Finally, it can guarantee the quality of pellets.

To sum up, it is a key for producers to choose the reasonable and high quality ring die in order to reduce the cost and improve the quality of pellets.

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