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Oct 6, 2013 | Education

Day School and Boarding School,Which one would you choose?

Why wait till is too late? Take action Now
Why wait till is too late? Take action Now

When choosing a private school, the question of boarding or day school may arise. The question is not which one is better; it is which one is better suited for your child and their needs?

There are both advantages and disadvantages to both school settings which will be discussed here. The main advantage of boarding school is the preparation it gives for adulthood.

Many children are anxious about being away from their parents. This may weigh heavy on your decision, but know that even children with this anxiety may benefit from boarding school. Learning independence is one of the main functions of boarding school. It teaches children how to take care of themselves (to a reasonable degree) and prepares them for life at college.

The teachers at boarding schools are well educated and the classes are small in size. Diversity is another boarding school advantage. Often times a child is sent to a boarding school away from their area of the world. This allows them to be surrounded by a diverse class of people who can introduce them to different cultures, which brings me to another point.

Boarding schools are the best choice for international students. While sending you child to another county to get their education can be done through host families, boarding schools offer more in the way of social interaction and a feeling of safety and home. Boarding schools, especially those outside of your home country, help give you the peace of mind you need when being separated from your child. The children are monitored well but still given the freedom to have social lives and fun.

They form relationships with other students that often last a lifetime, and this is certainly a pro! Though it is clear that boarding schools have many advantages, they are not right for every child (or parent). For some, day school may be the best option. As mentioned above, some children feel anxious about being away from their parents. Going to boarding school may help them get past this feeling or it may intensify it. You know your child best so you also know which situation it would be for them.

You may wish to give boarding school a try just to see what happens, but be prepared to bring your child home if they become intensely unhappy with their situation.

You want them to get a good education but not at the expense of their mental and emotional wellbeing. Day school provides the right balance between family life and school life.

Your child can go to school to learn and develop social skills, but come home and have bonding time with the family. Plus, day school is much less costly than boarding school and this may play a role in your final decision as well. It is clear that both types of schools have advantages.

The best thing to do is research all the options and talk things over with your child to get their take on things. In the end you will likely know what choice to make, and if it was the wrong one - well nothing in life is permanent.

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