14.07.2006 Tennis

Rackets struggle to find number two seed

Rackets struggle to find number two seed
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The captain of the national tennis team, the Golden Rackets, coach Ayi Darteh, is struggling on the second seed to partner national top seed, Henry Adjei-Darko in Ghana's quest to return to Euro-Africa zone group two of the Davis Cup.

As has been the case in recent times, it is a straight fight between London-based Gunther Darkey and U.S-based Salifu Mohamed.

Gunther, formerly number one, has struggled to maintain his form after being pipped to the position by the younger Adjei-Darko while Salifu has yet to hit peak form for the national team.

Darkey is expected to join the team in Winneba when he arrives from the U.K tomorrow but Salifu is expected to touch down on Monday.

The Golden Rackets will move to Accra just a day before they emplane for Gaborone where they will battle seven other teams, including Nigeria and the Ivory Coast to rescue Ghana from the lowly Euro-Africa zone group three in Davis Cup.

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