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Dr. Hilla Limann

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24/09/79 - 31/12/81 : President

Personal Information

Date of Birth : 12th December, 1934.
Place of Birth : Gwollu, Upper West Region

Date of Death : 23rd January, 1998

Educational Background of Dr. Hilla Limann

Limann was born and named Babini, but he was brought up by his uncle, Heli Limann. He assumed his name on entering Primary School.

1941 – 45 Attended Lawra Confederacy native Authority School (U/W-R)

1946 – 49 Government Middle School, Tamale (N/R) and attended the Government Teacher Training College (Tamale).

His Political and Public Life

1956 – 60 District Councilor, Tumu District Council

1954 Lost Parliamentary seat election as an Independent Candidate

1956 – 60 Attended London School of Economies (Political Science)

1960 – 62 University of Paris (PhD. Political Science and Constitutional Law).
1965 – 68 Head, Europe Desk, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1968 – 71 Head of Chancery/ Official Secretary Ghana Mission, Lome Togo
1979 Presidential Candidtate People's National Party (PNP)
September 24, 1979 Sworn in-as a President of Ghana's Third Republic
31st December, 1981 His government was over thrown by J.J. Rawlings
23rd January, 1998 Died and was buried at Gwollu his hometown

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