The Jesus Cries Of Ken Ofori Atta

Dear Jesus,    
I can swear by your cross;
This truth is not a lie 
That will make you sigh,
Or some propaganda meant to hurt your cause.

From the Wailing Wall to the Jesus cries of Ken Ofori Atta,
From the weak fundamentals of John Mahama’s economy
To the no fundamentals of Bawumia’s 
Economic Management Team,
We have been told this battle was yours, 
And yet, 
You have not been a workable part of our nation’s solution,
Although at every crisis point,
We have been told in song and psalm
Ancient and modern;
“The battle is the Lord’s”.

For your information, the first installment of listening devices 
Has been delivered by consensus and patriotism,
Fortunately, they were all made in Ghana, and not Ukraine. 
The Majority in parliament have for the first time in years,
Become Ghanaians, and accepted to help the Minority 
To resist oppressor’s rule, albeit belatedly,
They have joined Ghanaians
To install the listening devices
In their hearts and conscience,
And served notice in plain words, 
The nation can’t endure four more to do more:
You and Ken Ofori Atta Must Go!

We the people do not eat scriptures,
Nor do we quote them to have our bellies and fuel tanks filled.
Neither do we buy food or pay fees with Jesus’s name,
We the people have not been able to digest 
Many months of Ken’s Jesus cries 
“We are a proud nation”,
And the comic defense 
With highfalutin presidential lies
Of a so-called excellent performance 
Have brought us shamefully to our knees,
Awaiting the IMF to save and bless our purse from your curse.
Yet, none of your miracles have raised the cedi from the mud, 
You have made Duncan Williams, for all his passion and rants,
Truly stand out as a done con Willie. 
And even the millions the finance minister
Spent on your father’s accommodation
Could not make you do anything to help your beloved Ken.

Dear Jesus, 
In many ways, you aren’t like your father
Who wouldn’t take his name being mentioned in vain, why?
We heard reports of your exploits with five loafs and fishes, 
We heard same wonders of your father with manna.     
But what did you tell your dear white-garbed Ken,
When he hired and used you as a front
To make the nation believe 
You were in charge of the Finance Ministry, 
Steering the country to a land flowing with milk and honey, 
Even when the blind saw our country’s rivers turn tea-brown? 

As for Bawumia and his “What a solid team”,
We the people hope the second installment of listening devices 
Won’t even be needed before their conscience, if any,
Jolts them to do the needful and get lost!     

Amarkine Amarteifio. Accra. 25th October 2022.

Author: Amarkine Amarteifio.

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