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The Ambassadors Of Lucifer

They are masters of this land In fact, they are serious rogue elements Who enjoy the sight of bereavement In the eyes of those in their encampment Ambassadors of Lucifer are the captains of this place If your light starts to shine, they put you to disgrace The goodness of others, they can't embrace Those with special gifts, they trace and curse The suffering of fellow beings is a result of their evil achievements The cries of fellow men is unto them a sound of entertainment Cruelty is their only trusted form of engagement The poverty of kinsmen comes from their heartless schemes of self-enrichment Those who grew up here know it's tough Those who have paid us a visit have seen it's rough The joy of the masses, the ambassadors do crush The hope of the people, down the drain they flush In their eyes, everyone else here except them is trash In their evil hearts, joy comes from evil riches that for themselves do stash If they can't stand your presence for long, your life they just do crush If you think otherwise, they judge you hold a grudge, and so you, they bash Their smiles, hugs and kisses, please don't trust Don't even dance to the sound of music that they blast Whatever good that comes from you, they make sure it won't last But nonetheless, even they themselves, forever, they won't last ┬ęBrian Kazungu, 28/09/2019

by Brian Kazungu

 Posted by: Brian Kazungu

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