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Stollen Heritage

history makers not
merry makers
Nkrumah's gold and
Tetteh Quashie's cocoa,
ideology of great men
called "the big six"
independence granted
at gunpoint, to the expense
of their lives.
oh! oh!! oooooh!
our ancestors, your toils
indeed wielded a lot
but guess what?
it is now sold for a shoe string
budget,by those who took it,
your grandchildren eating crumbs, left by the white man
rise! rise! rise!! and sight it once.
selfishness eating the brain
you created future avenue which has turned to future mingle.
muddy pools turning into rivers,
green turns brown,virginity ends at 12,
come! come!! come!!! and see
oh! rise!! come!!! and see.

by Takyi Derrick Kumi

 Posted by: Takyi Derrick Kumi

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