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Love Brewed In An African Mother’s Pot

I remember the bond we shared in her womb free from outer distraction

It was just the two of us, Mother and me
Finally after 9 months when I came out of her warm world

A strange cold world it was
Ooh, so scared I was
But the mere sight of her was all I needed
With her it was love at first sight
When I tripped and nearly bruised my gentle baby lips after taking my first step

Mother was there to catch me
To her warm soft arms I found solace
After the harsh realities of life came knocking on the door

The aroma of her delicious breakfast and lunch accompanied me even to the classroom.

Her irresistible supper capped it off into sweet dreams of the night.

Mother always had a freshly brewed love to offer
Even in the darkest hour of midnight
The son of a palm wine tapper
My sons have a doctor for a father
All thanks to mother
Mother, my best friend
Mother a sister, a brother and a father
Mother, my life companion
Eno as I affectionately call her
All the cash in this world can’t be enough to repay you

Not even the vast Pacific Ocean comes close to your love

To mother even with strands of silver streak in my hair

I would always be her baby.
Theresa Oppong, [email protected]

by Theresa Oppong

 Posted by: Theresa Oppong


precious | 5/16/2016 7:58:06 PM


Boatemaa | 6/5/2016 7:27:08 AM

Amazing!!!!! speech

Mary | 7/14/2016 5:43:36 PM


adade annin | 7/15/2016 2:44:13 PM

nice poem

Eli | 10/6/2016 3:38:13 PM

Nice !!!

mcpoet | 10/10/2016 10:26:25 PM

amazing $ insightful

Kobby | 11/11/2016 9:35:40 AM

Very touching and deep

Bb | 11/25/2016 10:13:40 AM

Beautiful I like it


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