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17.04.2020 Regional News

Ghana Water Warns Landlords Selling Water To The Public

Ghana Water Warns Landlords Selling Water To The Public
LISTEN APR 17, 2020

Following the President’s directive of ‘Free Water’, to all Ghanaians from the month of April, May and ending in June 2020, the Minister of Sanitation and Water Resources, Hon. Cecilia Abena Dapaah has led a team from the Ghana Water Company limited into some communities in Greater Accra to assess the level of compliance of citizens to the directive.

The Minister and the team observed some teething challenges and it is essential that clarity is brought to bear to enable a smooth implementation. The Minister in educating customers made it clear that;

• All customers of the Ghana Water Company Limited who are on category 611(Domestic) will from April to June use water for free within the period and have the Government absorb their bills.

• Customers on category 611 who sell water to members in the communities should continue. They should, however, visit the district offices of the GWCL for registration and re-categorisation to be eligible for the payment of commission/compensation.

• All customers on category 612 (commercial) and are selling the water, must also visit the district offices, also to be re-registered so as to be eligible for commission/compensation.

• All stand-pipes shall be used to serve citizens for free and the Government shall absorb the bill and pay commission/compensation to the vendors. Vendors are expected to still mount the stand-pipes and ensure the prudent and judicious use of the water.

• Landlords and landladies who sell water to tenants and community members must allow the use of the water for free from April to June and must also register with the district offices of the GWCL to be eligible for commission/compensation.

Hon. Dapaah admonished the staff of GWCL to step up their monitoring and supervisory roles to ensure effective service to Ghanaians.

The Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources and the Ghana Water Company Limited require the general public to be cooperative and collaborate in all ways possible for a smooth implementation of the directive.

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