12.04.2020 Article

COVID-19 And The Impact On Ahafo Region.

By Edem Koku Edem
COVID-19 And The Impact On Ahafo Region.
LISTEN APR 12, 2020

Even though we are not on a Lockdown in the Ahafo Region, our life is under lockdown.

Economic Lockdown.
Our markets are empty. Our lives are empty. Men without money are forced to eat what we grow even when we do not need them. Our economic capital, Kumasi is under Lockdown. A Lockdown that we were not prepared for, and lockdown that government is seen not to care about what we eat and drink.

Health Lockdown.
If there be an outbreak today, Ahafo may become the New York of Ghana.

Our regional hospital, ie, the Goaso Regional Hospital is an elevated CHPS Compound. It is not 'worth' the status. Staffs are ill-prepared to manage the outbreak (not through any fault of theirs).

Unavailability of PPE'S, lack of proper emergency facilities, lack of staff motivation are part of the major hurdles we face.

Security Lockdown.
Our relatives who have travelled from the cities to stay with us are still with us. We are still sneaking in and around through 'bush roads'. The impact will be harsher on us.

Our NPP politicians are sharing the 'goodies' of COVID-19 among themselves. This is indeed a good time to be a member of this government but sadder to be resident in Ahafo.

Edem Koku Edem

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