11.04.2020 Press Statement

Stop Harassing Africans In China

Stop Harassing Africans In China
LISTEN APR 11, 2020

There are videos making rounds on social media where Africans in China get harassed in their homes and denied certain public services, upon seeing such visuals it gets to the heart; why in this era and time of civility some Chinese (Not all Chinese) will commit such act?

Africans are seen in the videos sleeping outside because they have been denied access to their homes and other hotel services, are they homeless? How do you complain Trump should stop calling the virus "Wuhan Chinese Virus" while asking all Chinese nationals not to he targeted outside of China for this outbreak yet you harass foreigners (Africans) in China as being reported all over social media???

In the Ghana case, surely we have raised it with our President and our Ambassadors are working on it.

I believe all other African country Presidents affected by these happenings in China now ought to summon the Chinese Ambassadors stationed in their countries to answer questions. If any African gets hurt in this sudden Coronavirus discrimination in China, there should be unanimous retaliatory repercussions from the African Union (AU) as soon as possible.

Chinese nationals living in Ghana and other parts of Africa are living happily and peacefully while going about their businesses, so, what's this new nonsense going on?

Folks, it's mind-boggling to see so many people on the streets in the said videos.

But, I was happy seeing the Nigerian consular in Guangzhou, captured on video while intervening for his people, such is the way to go.

Always remember this; no individual African can do much or fight a discriminatory situation alone, it takes the African Presidents, Foreign ministry and stationed ambassadors to stand up for the people strongly and the nonsense will seize.

In this age of globalization, every country in one way or the other needs another country (interdependence) for shared growth and mutual benefits, the world needs more of such cooperation wrapped in unity and love for mankind.

Most importantly, we should also refrain from categorizing all Chinese people as guilty of theses happenings, in every country you would find good and bad people. You the young African should closely follow everything and constructively seek answers from our leaders, also, add value to yourself, improve and brighten any space you find yourself at all times; for a better performing Africa will automatically reflect on it's citizens wherever they travel abroad. Shalom!!!!!!!

This piece from my peace of mind is solely an opinion shared on the unfortunate happenings in China.


Zinler Richard
(Branch Chairman, NPPSK)
[email protected]


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