09.04.2020 Opinion

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

By Benjamin Boakye
Light At The End Of The Tunnel
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In the wake of the present, COVID-19 Pandemic, there has been a much-needed increase in public awareness and sensitization on the importance of personal and environmental hygiene.

This thing is quite healthy, and it helps to keep the tunnel in very good shape. The tunnel may have its own ups and downs, but we will surely overcome it.

The mechanics (Front line health workers) should be credited for proper maintenance of the tunnel, though we are not through we will get there.

Kudos, to our scientists across the globe for sacrificing their lives in the fight against COVID-19. A typical Akan Man will say, "Ayeekoo."

No need to shower praises on any government, because is their own core mandate. Truth be told, the leaders of this country have exhibited Good leadership and some level of competence. Oliver will always ask for more, and there is a lot to be done.

To our security services, thumps up. We thank you for exhibiting some level of professionalism in guiding the tunnel. Though there might be some setbacks, we still believe in the top hierarchy to manage such issues in accordance with the law and some internal mechanisms.

To our able men and women who are helping, in the fight against this invisible enemy in a form of philanthropic work, we say thank you. Surely, you will be recognized one day by the highest office (Presidency).

The general public can not be left out, in fact, they have done well in observing the precautionary measures and also the law behind this lockdown.

Is quite bitter to observe all these but as the President said, "We are not in ordinary times". We can do better than this, and we should also put in mind that; this too shall pass.


There a lot of lessons we can draw from this pandemic. Hopefully, we are praying for a resurrection of common Sense and good leadership.

There are a lot of structures we can put in place as a country, and there should be a second look at our developmental plan, especially our Health sector.

The country is facing a lot, in terms of digitalization. Both current and Subsequent governments should put in place proper mechanisms in order to fill this gab. There is a lot to be done in this sector.

In the end, the country will go through some financial crisis which the government should put in place some proper measures to cub it.

The infrastructural gap can't be left out in this process. We should build and equip more of our facilities on time because some of our health facilities are currently suffering from unnecessary delays and also politically motivated selective amnesia.

There is a lot to be corrected after this pandemic and I know our leaders will draw something from this.

Thank you.

Adjei Boakye.

(Student Activist)

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