30.03.2020 Feature Article

Happy Birthday Mr. President

Happy Birthday Mr. President
LISTEN MAR 30, 2020

I join the rest of the world to extend to you God’s courtesy of long life and success in all your efforts as you turn 76 today. In fact, 76 looks very good on you. Today presents to all of us an opportunity to say thank you for your contribution towards the progress of dear country Ghana. I know your wife got it all covered today. A cursory glance at your public life suggests to me that you are a man of hard work, dedication and principle.

Your gross display of a sporadic blend of a simple lifestyle and a magnificent vision for our country is admirable. Over the past three years as president, you have worked tirelessly to correct our national direction and place us on the pathway to equal opportunity for all. You have implemented bold policies such of Free SHS for young Ghanaian citizens, planting for food and jobs, NABCo, brought back life into NHIS, chart a path to digitize the economy among others. The realization of these remarkable achievements makes me a proud Ghanaian.

The war you wage against corruption has been admirable and it has mirrored your great personal honesty. In revitalizing our economy, you continue to take initiatives that draw on the vast talent and ingenuity of our people. You have demonstrated in many ways that you are poised to protect the public purse. You are indeed the father for this moment in our national journey.

In this era of coronavirus outbreak, you have shown that you love the Ghanaian people. Your courage to give such bold directives all in an attempt to protect Ghanaians is novel. You have shown rare bravery and exemplary resilience in all you do. I personally promise to wash my hands even though I have not eaten the Chinese meat. I know you are worried but this one too shall pass.

Mr. President, you have proven to be leader who listens per the account of some past developments and concerns expressed by the general public. My humble appeal to you on this important day of your life is to bring NIA registration to a temporal halt. This exercise could be a potential breeding ground for coronavirus. People could be exposed to risk, as well as pose a risk to officials of the authority spearheading the registration. The continuation of this exercise in my view does not promote your directive to combat social distancing. If the virus moves as people move, then there should be no movement at all. I don’t have to say so much as there has been already a litany of grievances by some section of the general public. Continue to be open to the general public regarding where stand as a nation in our fight against Covid-19. I wish you additional years of good health, peace and glory. Happy Birthday Mr. President of the Republic of Ghana.

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