29.03.2020 Article

The Virus Does Not Spread Until You Move!

By Samuel Baah
The Virus Does Not Spread Until You Move!
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At this phase in the fight against the Corona−Virus, I can say that His Excellency the President has done his best. Nana Addo Danquah has displayed a great sense of leadership and courage in these dark times. As he clearly stated, he might not be able to raise the dead and so he shares the burden of protecting oneself with the bearer of life.

After the partial lockdown was announced, the country has sprinted into uncertainty. It is as though this was not expected. Panic buying is giving the power to traders to decide on how much to sell their products. That is a subject on moral ethical fiber which I will leave for the “sermons”.

My major concern among the effect of the lockdown announcement is the movement of people within the country. I happen to be in Anyinam, in the Atiwa East district at the moment. I went to the roadside, the main Accra−Kumasi road and I was amazed by the traffic from Accra. Towards where? I can’t tell.

One can say that people are seeking to go “home” or possibly where they can move freely away from the lockdown. Were people tested before leaving Accra? Were temperatures even checked before they left Accra?

Lord have mercy!
God forbid, but if people are leaving Accra looking “healthy but sick”; because they are having the virus but not showing any signs of it, then there is trouble.

There are people in these cars and buses on their way to towns and villages; places were logistics and preparations to fight the Covid−19 are not enough. I wonder how many district hospitals have ventilators. Few years ago, in the Upper East region, a man died right in front of my eyes because the only oxygen in the hospital was being used in the labour ward on another patient. The situation might have improved but to which extent can it be enough to manage such a deadly virus.

How are doctors going to manage this pandemic in the rural and very deprived areas?

I fear the basic understanding of the spread of the virus has not yet been received. What happened to “the virus does not spread until you move? The President did no wrong commanding a lockdown. After all, it was not a decision that was taken lightly. The Ghana Medical Association gave reasons enough for a lockdown.

At this point, observe all the regulations and stay at home for you don’t know who is carrying the virus.

If you haven’t moved already, please be reminded that the virus does not spread until you move!

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