26.03.2020 Feature Article

COVID-19: Beyond the medical emergency the world could see a reset

COVID-19: Beyond the medical emergency the world could see a reset
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The Chinese have eaten some strange meat and now the rest of the world is washing her hands. Strangely, the dead-man’s land is rejoicing and the rest of the world is preparing for mass burial and rehearsing the chorus of their famous dirges. We are told the Chinese remedy came from Japanese favipiravir! The cisterns of knowledge in the field of science have been rendered impotent as the world grapples with the riddle of the novel Covid-19 with no proven answers.

Adversity they say is the mother of invention. It is very clear that the “mobile-virus” is a game changer and has influenced every aspect of the business community. A marginal increase in the number of positive cases results in a decline in economic activity. This could be a new theory. We live in a global village but this time our borders are very visible. Everybody for himself and God for us all. The world’s strongest economies, the super powers par excellence are struggling to combat Covid-`19. The fate of Africa is in the hands of Africans. What we do with it determines what becomes of our collective wellbeing. Covid-19 could cause a possible world reset and its fortunes could bring Africa to the frontline. It will be absurd for any group of people to leverage this world crisis for a political advantage. The war with corona virus lurks the survival of the human race. Anything with a political interest should be bundled and ferried to some uninhabitable island especially for Africa. The leadership of Ghana has done well so far with the various bold mechanisms they instituted. For that I say ayekoo! It is in our own interest to adhere to the directives given by the ministry of health and the experts. There should be more openness and transparency. Beyond the medical emergency, this could be the principal challenge of this crisis: governments abusing the situation to concentrate power, further reducing democracy.

As a “Possibilitarian”, I believe this one too shall pass. The secret is simple. In a few weeks, the whole world is going to enter a new cycle. What we are experiencing right now is a unique event that will completely alter the 21st century. It will truly be a new cycle of life that will begin and like any cycle of life, some will be reborn and some won’t. Be part of the people who will survive this crisis by washing your hands frequently even though you haven’t eaten the Chinese steak. The fact is in few days, spring will start and this period is noted for a strong and high intensity because it’s the time of the year when all the nature changes, when all the plants and all the animals change, a period when all the astral transits are the strongest and it will be the time when we go out of the crisis to experience a rebirth! It is funny our world has been well equipped for war but failed to equip herself against pandemics.

There are secrets to be told. But whiles we focus on how to combat corona virus it is proper to have Japan in mind. I repeat let’s have Japan in mind! Stay safe. Stay home!

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