26.03.2020 Feature Article

Putting Ghana First Above Partisan Politics In The Fight Against Coronavirus

Putting Ghana First Above Partisan Politics In The Fight Against Coronavirus
LISTEN MAR 26, 2020

The Virus knows no political party, colour, race, rich nor poor person but it attacks you as long as you are a human being.

As I type today coronavirus is a pandemic that is killing human beings all over the world and we are yet to find a cure for it, therefore, humans are trying their possible best to protect themselves till they find the vaccine and cure to fight this battle.

Unfortunately in Ghana politics have eaten into our brains so much that even in times like this when human lives are at stake, all an opposition party seeks to do is to distract the government so that it fails in its quest to protect citizens. It's their wish that the situation gets out of hand so we see people dying all over so they can use it for their political campaign and I can mention only one political party NDC that's so desperate for power.

I haven't seen any other political party praying so hard for doom apart from them.

This Government is in power for all Ghanaians including NPP and NDC and that is because Ghanaians gave that Power to them.

From day one NDC has tried all they can to distract them but the Lord has been good to Ghanaians because if they had succeeded in that quest we would have been the victims and so we will continue to pray that the NDC continues to fail in their machinations until they change their ways.

Few reasons why they stand accused

1. When the outbreak first occurred in China the NDC minority lead by Ablakwa started accusing the government of being insensitive and that they should go and bring back the citizens from China but with patience and wisdom, the government worked with its representatives as in the Ghana embassy there and successfully took care of our citizens there.

Now other countries like Italy and the rest evacuated their citizens and today we're all witnessing how that exercise has contributed to the escalation of the spread of the virus.

Today Italy is recording the highest deaths even more than China and that could have been Ghana.

2. When the disease entered Ghana via import and we had to close our Boarders, their General Mosquito Hon Nketia told the whole world that the government is doing that just to win elections so we shouldn't accept that action.

3. When the government needed to pass an emergency law to control the gathering of masses in order to help slow the spread of the virus these same NDC minority fought against it in parliament and the only fortunate thing was that the majority used its numbers to pass that law which has been able to stop recalcitrants like Apostle Saint Sark today.

From all their actions it is obviously clear that all they seek to do is to play politics with this deadly situation and it is our responsibility as citizens to make sure that we put them somewhere and put Ghana first.

Today this same political party is here to tell us that they've launched a group to help fight the virus but from the past experience and what we are already witnessing it can clearly be envisaged that this group is just to cause more distraction and we will urge the government to disregard that so-called group since that NDC coronavirus group owes us Ghanaians No accountability.

We haven't given them any mandate and they owe us no explanations.

In fact whiles we are in the middle of this corona crisis and thinking of how to come up with solutions, that team is moving from radio stations to TV stations telling us what the NPP party did when NDC was in power and Ebola was in vogue. Honestly, I don't care about that now and I don't know who else gives a damn about that looking at our current situation.

In all this, there are some individuals in that party who are doing a great job which must be commended and one of them is Sam George the MP for Ningo Prampram who has donated some health items worth huge amount of monies to some health facilities in his constituency and such actions must be encouraged in times like this and not what his yaanum are doing.

Kennedy Agyepong a member of the NPP didn't sit and fold his arms to watch his government but as usual, is also doing a great job in donating health items as well to support the process and more of such gestures are needed.

The buck stops with the President.

Today and Tomorrow are National fasting and prayer days declared by our one and only President Nana Addo Dankwa AKUFO-ADDO and as Citizens and Not spectators we will all endeavor to participate and we know that the Good Lord will hear our Cry as we together as one Nation call upon his Name.

May the Good Lord Continue to grant President Nana AKUFO-ADDO More wisdom to enable him to get us out of this predicament safely without a scratch.

2 Chronicles 20:15 The Battle indeed is the Lord's


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