19.03.2020 Opinion

Corona Virus And The Matters Arising

By Benjamin Boakye
Corona Virus And The Matters Arising
LISTEN MAR 19, 2020

The decision taken and announced by the president is the best one to take as the Head of State. It’s warmly welcome and it has been taken in good faith. The closure of schools, churches, and others are temporary measures as announced in other to deny the Corona Virus a chance.

Now that we are in the midst of it, what can we do in order to deal with the crisis at hand? Some countries are using different methods in combating this crisis. The question is, should we copy them? If yes! then, we have to educate and spend more for us to get there. I know the authorities involve know better than I do and looking at our national character, they know what to purchase.


This is the time for us to split the truth into some self-acclaimed Men of God and also some political aparachies. One may disagree, but as said by Kwame Kutani, “Opinions are like noses, it comes with it own shapes and sizes.”

I don't it is mandatory for the President of the Republic to consult any religious group in this midst of crisis, in terms of suspending all institutions with crowd-focused activities.

The charismatic Bishops couldn’t have known better as expected from them. ‘’The celebrated Bishops’’, they say, couldn’t have released that and of inexcusably scandalous statement to the press. I am not all that surprising if they were found in that scandalous ring. Mind you, some were preparing their prophecy notes, just to pollute the air with some unnecessary noise.

Most times, such prophecies have been predominantly motivated politically and largely about which political party is poise to grab that landside victory.

It’s high time the leaders(celebrities) of these charismatic churches, show some level of maturity and leadership. Cheap talks are no more accepted in this era. They should discard their selfish interest and think about the ordinary Ghanaian.

Those calling on NIA to stop the ongoing mass Ghana card registration is in order. This process will be a form of contradiction as NIA is a Governmental Agency.

Will like to pulse here, and get a bar of soap to wash my hands.

Will edge all Ghanaians, not to go contrary to the precautionary measures given by the Ministry of Health and the Ghana Health Service.


Adjei Boakye.

(Executive Director- Captains Connekt Foundation)

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