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11.05.2006 General News

Eco-tourism needs protection and promotion-Tourism Officer


A senior resource officer of the Ghana Tourist Board (GTB), Michael Kpimgbi says domestic tourism, though in its infant stages, would make significant changes to the national economy.

Speaking at a day's Business Breakfast organised by the Ghana Tours for its clients in the Western and Central regions at Takoradi on Wednesday, he said Ghana earned a total of 117.70 million dollars in 1991 and the figure is expected to increase to 1,562 million dollars by 2007.

He said tourism contributed 4.9 per cent to the Gross Domestic product in 2004.

Mr Kpimgbi said the nation's culture of royalty, festivals, craftsmanship, agriculture, architecture and historical sites were all tourist destinations that needed preservation and intensive marketing.

He appealed to members of the tourism industry to focus on customer satisfaction and avoid fraudulent transactions in order to win public confidence and attract more clients.

Nana Larsh, Sales and Marketing Director of Ghana Tours UK, said the focus of the company was to market Ghana to the outside world and to attract more foreign tourists to spend holidays in Ghana.

Nana Larsh said since the airline industry was becoming more competitive, tour operators must be willing to ensure that the best service is provided for the client.