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16.02.2020 Feature Article

Samuel Okudezeto-Ablakwah Is Unfit For His Current Role

Samuel Okudezeto-Ablakwah Is Unfit For His Current Role
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When the rich and powerful are sick, they fly out to countries with excellent medical infrastructure to seek best of care.

And with China astronomic rise as the leading emerging power and second most powerful global economy with the capacity to build a 2000-bed medical facility within a week following the Coronavirus outbreak, the best place for someone to be protected against, or, treated from the virus, is definitely China and not Ghana.

In the prevailing circumstances, therefore, their well-being is much better guaranteed in China; and think that's where the focus should be.

We must not, maliciously, paint the picture that our compatriots have been deliberately left to their fate. THE NARRATIVE MUST BE PROPERTY SITUATED.

International protocols
Indeed, as a State, it is incumbent on our Government to ensure Ghanaians anywhere on the globe are well-taken care of, both under domestic laws and international protocols.

And with Ghana being a signatory to charters of these international bodies like the World Health Organization (WHO), we obviously cannot override an order by this organization, for States not to evacuate potential Coronavirus victims into countries with relatively weak health systems.

It is for this reason that the call by the ndc minority in parliament for government to, with immediate effect, evacuate all Ghanaians living in China, back home, can best be likened to the 'guinea fowl' syndrome where, immediately they see one of them taking to flight, they all, in panic hysteria, just join in the flight, only to enquire what was pursuing them, upon landing in the middle of nowhere.

Unintelligent call
The reason for these NDC people for making their call is that "America, Britain, Canada, Germany, France etc., have evacuated their citizens out of China so Ghana must follow suit

Now, this is why I have always maintained that Okudezeto-Ablakwah is just an apology of a minority spokesperson on foreign affairs since he has absolutely no knowledge even in rudimentary foreign relations protocols, let alone international political economy which is the main driver of foreign policy formulation by State actors.

I do listen to Okudezeto-Ablakwah and what he normally does is just pouring what he goes to chew from the internet.

Misguided tirade
So for example, when the topic on the table is about change in US policy on trade with Ghana, he will simply embark on a totally misguided tirade and start mentioning names of countries and trade policies which have absolutely no tangent to the issue under discussion, instead of contextualizing the issue from the perspective of State craft where globalization is driven by both economic and military might.

And what indeed scares me is the fact that, in the highly unlikely scenario of ndc ever coming back to power before the second coming of Christ, Okudezeto-Ablakwah could be Ghana's Foreign Minister, with others like Otokunor, Sammy Gemfi, Kweku Boahen, Gabby Assuming, Dela Eden, etc., as ministers of State.

And this, alone, must be enough motivation for the good people of this country too, as a matter of patriotism, mass up at registration centres across the country to have your names captured in the new voters register to enable you fully partake in the 2020 general elections, and vote massively for the continuation of FREE SHS, 1D1F, 1V1D, etc.

The NDC, notoriously, has been Ghana's single most-destructive organization and the most formidable impediment to our socioeconomic advancement as a people. It is evident that this call by the NDC minority is motivated, purely, by demonic political point-scoring.

Their motive has absolutely nothing to do with the well-being of our nationals in China; and for a group of people to seek to reap political benefits from the dilemma of their fellow countrymen and women, indeed, cements the fact that NDC is a demonic entity whose continuous involvement in our democratic governance poses an existential danger.

Cancerous tumor
Consequently, such an entity, in all progressive societies, will never be allowed anywhere close to corridors of power and it is about time, as a people, came together and democratically banished such cancerous tumor of an entity from our political landscape.

In conclusion, I would ask that, should the government, at any point in time, decide to evacuate our citizens from China back home, the ndc minority parliamentarians should be tasked with the national duties of welcoming them upon arrival at KIA, with warm hugs and kisses, and carry them into their matrimonial homes for the 14-day mandatory isolation, after which they can release them to us.


Newton-Offei Justice Abeeku
International Relations Expert
email: [email protected]

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