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05.02.2020 Feature Article

When innocent hearts speak (Part 2)

When innocent hearts speak (Part 2)
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Nina (18), Turkish roots: "It is true, people are fed up with Democracy. They only see people in power are interested only in themselves. In Russia Putin steals money from the nation and is roughless, yet the overall majority of Russians like him."

Kimberly (18), Kenyan roots :"When in Kenya someone should come to power through our democratic process with good ideas and a great heart...guess what will happen? Our own people will try to kill that person!"

Democracy comes in various shapes and sizes around the world. In each form it is fundamental condition that MPs only have to submit themselves to their own conscience, not of their party, not of their voters, not of pressure groups...only their own conscience! During the Brexit process in the House of Commons/UK everyone was able to see the effect to this principle. MPs voted into Parliament as Remainers, turned themselves into Leavers, in effect betraying their mandate once received. When the new parliament was voted in these people were voted out by their constituency. If an MP does not care whether or not to be voted against in a general election after four years sitting in parliament reflecting only on his own conscience instead of the mandate given can cause great harm to the democratic process and voicing of electorates concerns can be the result of that principle.

The Green Party "Die Grünen" in Germany are another good example to this effect. Starting off as a movement converting later into a Party it was an unwritten and widely communicated statement to their followers they would never use the Car Shuttle Service of the Bundestag from Bonn Train Station to the Langer Eugen (MPs office complex) nor Parliament rather ride bikes. They proclaimed not to fly but use train services instead, even to rotate each MP every two years in order to avoid too much power in the hands of one person. It was their leader Claudia Roth that ended the much-embraced separation from Party Leadership and a seat in the Bundestag or local parliaments with tears shed heavily before by her. From all parties in Germany "Die Grünen" betrayed their original ideas voted for in the shortest possible time that was once voiced by Rudolph Bahro in the 1980s when at a congress he proclaimed because of the Acid Rain they have the chance to harvest conservative votes in the Bavarian Alps with the need for the party to shape their profile into that direction.

In China of the 16th century tested qualification was the only pathway to successful positions in the society not connections or social condition. In the 18th century intellects, wise men were appreciated and listened to, not powerful men. Europeans and Americans demanded end of last century from all African societies to follow their political ideas and turn their societies into Democracies regardless of their own traditions and expectations what life should offer them.

History has proven that it is never a wise idea nor decision to impose on other countries ideas dear to their own heart but to advice foreign nations based on their tradition, historic current conditions and wanted society achievements a form of governance that most likely will perform on expectations in the shortest possible time of such countries. Governance is never static, changes as time changes. What is working well today for a certain nation or nations might not be fit for purpose for generations to come asking for a revised system. Only open-minded people trained in the toolbox of history and equipped with a visionary mind to see what has not yet been tested so far will eventually benefit nations along their way through future history.

Nina und Kimberly:"So, Mr. Karl, you are telling us, anyone with a great idea to unite Africa and make it a paradise will be threatened by local and outside forces to end his life?"

"Yes, potentially...yes! But...but these forces never understand that history can be delayed but never stopped. Over and over people are born and eventually the day will come history will show its true face!"

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