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27.01.2020 Feature Article

Corruption Index: Ghana at 41

Corruption Index: Ghana at 41
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Ghana’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI) is out for 2019 and by now most people know how Nana Akufo-Addo’s government fared. They scored 41%, the lowest in the history of Ghana. I can point out at least two things that will send NPP back to opposition: Galamsy and Corruption. Both fights, Nana Addo has woefully failed potooorrrrrr.

With galamsy, my friend Solomon Owusu of Denver, Colorado, and Hon. Kennedy Agyapong have given Nana Addo, enough advice so I will not waste my time on that. I will only give a free advice to Nana Addo on how he will fight and win the war on corruption. We, as people can still do it if we have an incorruptible President and I hope we do. These are my solutions:

*1* Nana Addo should immediately reduce the size of his government. With 125 Ministers and at his age, with a useless monitoring ministry, everybody knows Nana Addo has lost control of his ministers on corruption.

*2* Nana Addo should stop being the clearing-agent for his corrupt ministers and refer all those he had cleared to the Special Prosecutor for prosecution.

*3* Nana Addo for once, should take charge of his government and abolish the committee formed to investigate the fall of the cedi. It is a complete waste of time and resources.

*4* Nana Addo should take immediate steps to transform our economy from a taxation to a production one. Was it not what we were promised?

*5* Nana Addo should sack and punish all his appointees who have prevented the Special Prosecutor and Auditor-General from doing their work.

*6* Nana Addo should publicly throw his unqualified support for the Auditor General. He should let Ghanaians know that he is still the President.

*7* Nana Addo should resource the Office of the Special Prosecutor with personnel, money, and authority.

Fellow Ghanaians, I have taken my time to give Nana Addo this free advice because I want him to start it so it will be easy for the next NDC government in 2021. I am aware HE John Mahama has already talked about plans to tackle corruption head-on by reducing the size of his government, supporting the Auditor General and resourcing fully the office of the Special Prosecutor. I can’t guarantee if it will be Martin Amidu.

When Nana Addo took over, the corruption index was at 48%. Within just three years, it is now at 41. Please don’t vote for Nana Addo for him to do more by getting us to 20%. The image of Ghana is already low in the international community. We don’t want it to get lower with Nana Addo as President. He is a disappointment, a disgrace and a failure.

Lawrence Appiah-Osei