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24.01.2020 Feature Article

The Two Types Of Attention Seekers On Social Media You Need To Avoid In 2020

The Two Types Of Attention Seekers On Social Media You Need To Avoid In 2020
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Any act directed towards soliciting validation, sympathy, time and acceptance can be referred to as attention seeking. Attention seeking we know is prevalent among children but as the world is changing, many young adults of today are working themselves up to take the place of children in seeking unproductive attention. they have taken to social media to say and do things just to provoke a reaction.

This I have experienced mostly on Whats’App since the introduction of Whats’App status and detecting this behavior in young adults I’m in contact with every now and then is very frustrating and exasperating. It is human of us to seek attention, but in that saying, we should also know that there is a thin line between a healthy desire for human interaction and unhealthy attention-seeking which most people are not even aware of.

On my status, there are two main things I have noticed some of my contacts use to seek attention and this is becoming so annoying that I have decided to create a post about it. And if you fall within any of these as you read, try to change for your own good.

Mostly, people who do these are seen to be lazy and aimless in life. And people like this can never be taken to be serious by serious people. It is therefore in their own interest to find alternatives to their boredom; they can read a book, learn something new on Google or watch an educative video. There are tons of things to do at this age that being bored and putting it on social media irritates me.

1. I’m Bored and Lonely

This state characterized ones disinterest in his or her surroundings, having nothing to do or the feeling that their life is running slow or dull. Boredom in general is very normal and can only be considered excessive when it becomes an underlying factor for a disease.

I personally believe there is so much to do, to even think of becoming bored but we all still get bored anyway, just that the smart ones don’t put it on social media in an attempt to crave attention or tell the world that their lives are important than that of others. If you know you have lot learn, a startup to find many solutions and strategies to, a book to read, self-development videos to watch and prayers to pray, you don’t really have that much time to be bored and even if you become bored which is inevitable, you don’t have that time to put it on your social media, you rather find ways to get rid of it or get out of your boredom as a matured human being would do.

I still don’t understand why we would put on our statuses that we are bored. What do we want, sympathy from the world? It only proves one thing, and that is an unhealthy attention seeking. I see the different between those who put it on their social media that they are bored and those that won’t have the time; their fruits describe them.

2. Who would call me, I’m Home Alone Who Will Take Me Out

Another group goes by asking that you call them, take them out and I don’t know what is wrong if they call you or take you out. But because they want to be noticed, they will decide to put it on their status which is usually a call for attention.

This also sounds selfish at the same time letting the world know how immature you are in taking care of yourself. Other people may be going through difficult times than your boredom and loneliness but because you think the world should revolve entirely around you, you don’t take a second to think about your status update.

In conclusion, we all want some degree of attention because life is about connections with other humans, we all need people. However there should be a limit to how we go about seeking unproductive attention.

If any of the above sounds like you then you should first of all try and take note and deal with it with honesty. And if again you feel you are bored, lonely or want to talk to someone, make the effort to contact the person, stop acting like you don’t have friends and engage with people when you are bored rather than putting your troubles on social media because already, we are all facing our moments and we don’t have time for minor boredoms and loneliness.