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04.04.2006 General News

German Embassy adopts modern visa processing modalities


Accra, April 4, GNA - The German Embassy in Accra on Tuesday launched a modern visa application procedure to enhance efficiency, reduce procession time and eliminate fraudsters.

The procedure, which is a collaboration between the Germany Embassy and 'VFS' an India Private Company, would offer visitors or business visa applicants counselling, assistance in the processing modalities and enhance documentation on applicants.

The German Ambassador to Ghana, Mr Peter Linder announced the modalities at the opening of an ultra modern "German Visa Reception Centre," at Number 19, 2nd Crescent, Asylum Down, Accra. He explained that Visa Applicants could also book with a call to the Centre for a systematic appointment slot for an interview at the Embassy's Visa Section, for a desired date.

"The long and sometimes unpleasant waiting periods at our visa section would be avoided, likewise it is assuring for the applicant to know that with his visa application pre-checked by the Visa Reception Centre, he/she would not be refused because of missing or incomplete documents at the Visa counter any more," Mr Linder said.

He explained that the German Immigration Act of the Schengen Regulations, and Legal provisions stipulated that applicants provide details of purpose of the trip to Germany, which "must be clear beyond all reasonable doubts".

"The applicant must prove that he/she can afford the trip and stay, and leave no doubt that he/she would return to Ghana after the purpose of his visit has been achieved," he said, stressing that these facts are established during the interview and from the personal information provided.

Mr Linder urged the staff of the Visa Reception Centre to offer fast and efficient services to the public to portray German hospitality.