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28.12.2019 Opinion

My Take On The New Voter Register

By Bukari Kuoru
My Take On The New Voter Register
LISTEN DEC 28, 2019

1. If parents will invest money in their wards education to come out watch while reckless decisions which will have serious future implications in our lives are made then trust me it's a total waste of not only the money but the trust and believe with which these investments were made.

3. The EC chairperson should know that she is not a plenipotentiary and she can not just sleep and wake up with an appetite of wasting about 700m good million of the taxpayers' money for no comprehensive reasons.

4. The good people of Ghana will resist any fraud that will be perpetuated. It's a clear testament that the EC doesn't really care about the millions of Ghanaians who still sleep on bare floors at hospitals, death traps as schools and the countless uncompleted infrastructure that needs completion and the completed ones that just need some furniture to get it operational.

5. In fact, 400m can finish the Eastern corridor road.

6. This is why we are stakeholders in Ghana's democracy. Voice for the countless millions. The EC can not disregard discussions at IPAC meetings and go-ahead to do what it feels. What is the essence of those meetings then? Is the IPAC a mere window dressing?

7. It's as if there is a higher power pushing the chairperson to take these incomprehensible decisions.

a. Take for example, there is nothing wrong with the data centre which holds the register. It works perfectly. The PV's and verification machines only need servicing which was done and they achieved almost a 100% success at the just ended Assembly elections. Additionally, there was the issue of facial recognition features.. there are pictures on the register already. Just load the data unto the machine and match the faces simplicita.

B. Even if the verification data is overstretched and needs to be replaced that makes sense. But to throw away the whole register which is not faulty in other to acquire a new one just doesn't sit right. The implications are dire. Does the country have the money? If so then Ghanaians are actually taken for a joke which is why the I will resist this because there are more important things that Ghanaians need right now than to spend 800m cedis on a new register.

8. "You claim you're appointing eminent persons to a c'ttee to advise the EC on elections and in that list there is no Dr Afari Djan. Do we have any eminent person knowledgeable in elections than Dr Kwadjo Afari Djan in Ghana? "

B. The NCCE, CHRAJ, have they been consulted? These are all state institutions that can provide valuable insights. But all these people and institutions are disregarded. This only suggests an ulterior motive the EC seeks to perpetuate. Nothing it has done so far seems transparent when we have deputy EC chair openly stating his position on elections.

9. The EC must Stop this chicanery attitude and come out with the figures..the real problems that need solving and stop this false chauvinism. Why try so hard to fix an issue that doesn't need fixing?

10. This is a test of the democracy that we have practised all these years..this is a test of the exhibition of our collective consciousness. The choice of right from wrong and the test of whether our destiny is in our own hands us Ghanaians or the hands of a few persons we have put in office to serve us and not to dictate to us.

11. It's like institutions have made it an agenda to push the patience button of Ghanaians like the drop that chamber saga, the MMDC's saga and now throwing away a working register that's faultless and then bulletproof curtains for our legislature. I mean "bulletproof curtains" is not an entirely bad idea but is it really a priority for the country amidst all these numerous problems. Why now? What are our legislators suddenly afraid of?

I have a few questions as well:

1. When was the last time the register was changed? Why has it suddenly become needful to change it?

2. How faulty are the machines?. Pressure on machines during the election day may cause it to breakdown completely. How often are the machines serviced?

3. Weather conditions too,i.e exposure to sunlight. The machines shouldn't be in the sun while in operation, it may cause it to break down. Do we even need to replace the machines at all?

EC simply have to adhere to Proper workplace keeping to ensure that the machines are safe, do we have to always change the machine or voters register because of the reasons they are giving us ? NO

#EC must drop that register. This has nothing to do with CPP, UPP, NPP, NDC. This is about our priorities as a country. Nothing wrong with the register no need getting a new one.

Let's save the public purse.



Bukari Kuoru.