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31.03.2006 General News

I Have One Foot in the Castle - Aguddey

By Chronicle
I Have One Foot in the Castle - Aguddey

Mr. George Opesika Aguddey, the 2004 flag bearer of the Convention People's Party (CPP), has said that he is preparing to move to the Osu Castle, the seat of presidency, in 2008, as there is every indication that he is going to be the next President of the Republic of Ghana, succeeding President J. A. Kufuor.

According to him, he had made it clear to Ghanaians in the 2004 electioneering campaign that President Kufuor had gotten one foot out of the Castle while he had put one foot in, and now that Kufuor was preparing to move the other foot out of the Castle, he believed his time had come.

Speaking at the official launch of campaign of the CPP candidate for the Tamale Central Constituency, Basharu Alhassan Daballi, here in Tamale, Mr. Aguddey described the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) as the 'worst and most useless' government Ghana has ever had since independence.

According to him, President Kufuor and his elephant party deceived Ghanaians by presenting themselves as "white horses" when in opposition, but had awfully demonstrated their incompetence and total failure in governance.

Aguddey noted that Ghanaians were expecting the NPP government to learn from the mistakes of the NDC.

"Look at how Ghanaians are suffering! No food, no water, no electricity and low salary, but there is always increase in tariffs.

Our leaders are all corrupt and need to be chased out of government".

Therefore, discerning as Ghanaians are, he was optimistic that they would, in 2008, vote not on personality, tribal or political lines, but for somebody who would lead by example and make amends in the country.

It was inconceivable how almost all residents in the Tamale Central Constituency, dressed in both CPP and NDC paraphernalia, displayed some level of acceptance for the CPP and its Parliamentary Candidate, Basharu Alhassan Daballi, as they jammed up at both sides of the principal street of Tamale amidst praises to boost his morale after the launch.

This unusual spectacle was described as the first of its kind in the history of Northern Ghana; when two rival political parties had clashed without violence.

It was very interesting how some supporters of the NDC volunteered to serve as dispatch riders for George Opesika Aguddey and the CPP candidate, Basharu Daballi, with some acrobatic display of motor and bicycle riding, while others were chanting a common song "Daballi come and give us water".

In condemning what he termed "bad policies" of the Kufuor's administration however, Aguddey emphasized that both the NPP and NDC have no message to sell to Ghanaians in 2008 and therefore called on the electorates to vote them out.

He said, "CPP is the party of the people of Ghana and thus NPP and NDC cannot help Tamale Central; neither can they help this country. CPP is the only party with a good track record and I will urge all of you here in Tamale Central to vote massively for CPP candidate on April 4th and continue to be loyal to this party."

George Aguddey disclosed that he was prepared to lead the CPP to win the 2008 elections n order to honour the past leaders through whose blood and toil the CPP was founded.

The CPP candidate, Mr. Basharu Daballi, was confident that he would, on April 4th, win the Tamale Central seat for the party.

He outline some of his contributions towards the development of the Tamale Metropolis, more particularly, his fight for good drinking water for the people. Mr. Daballi also advised the youth of the party to be tolerant and cautioned them not to get entangled in chieftaincy and other disputes.

The CPP is yet to announce the date for its final rally in the Tamale Central Constituency.