Accra East Rotary Club Gives Furniture To Sinyangsa Primary, JHS

General News Accra East Rotary Club Gives Furniture To Sinyangsa Primary, JHS
DEC 23, 2019 LISTEN

The Accra East Rotary Club has provided 100 dual desks to pupils of Sinyangsa primary and Junior High Schools in the Builsa North District of the Upper East Region.

Pupils of the schools were compelled to sit on the bare floor for academic work due to inadequate furniture.

This has led to low enrolment and absenteeism at the school and in some cases school dropouts as some of the pupils are unable to cope with the situation.

Speaking to Citi News after the donation, President of the Accra East Rotary Club, Mr. Ibrahim Wuntah said, the intervention is expected to improve academic work and performance of the pupils.

“When we came here we realized that, there hasn't been furniture for a very long time and pupils of the schools laid on their bellies to write. This donation has come as a much-needed relief for them and this will go a long way to help them in the learning”.

Mr. Wuntah was enthused at the schools’ swift action in setting up a committee for the maintenance of the desks.

He also admonished the pupils to take their studies seriously in order to accomplish their vision and mission in life.

Mr. Wuntah hinted that, Rotary Club will continue to support the school's development for quality education for all.

Headteacher of Sinyangsa primary school, Mrs. Joycelyn Asang-bey, commended the Rotary club for the timely intervention and intimated that, the support will harness academic progress of the school.

“We are grateful for the support Rotary Club has brought to us. Previously our pupils use to sit on the floor for their studies and that really affected academic work but with this support, academic work will be enhanced as the pupils now have furniture to sit on”.

Some of the pupils also expressed their gratitude to the Rotary club for the kind gesture, saying the support will contribute significantly to their performance.

“Before this support, we used to sit on the floor for studies and our uniforms get dirty. We also had neck and waist pains and our handwriting was bad but with this support, we will be comfortable coming to school to sit on furniture for our lessons,” Abaawom Paulina stated.



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