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23.12.2019 Opinion

Shut Up! Ekow Vincent, You Know Nothing About Education

By Supremo Mensa
Shut Up! Ekow Vincent, You Know Nothing About Education
LISTEN DEC 23, 2019

Granting an interview with TV3 during the NPP national delegate conference, Vincent Ekow Assafuah reiterated and defended his ministry that the double track system has no bad effect on the students enrolling the FSHS programme.

It's is quiet sad my brother Vincent has such position on the subject of discussion and purposefully guarding his party even when the situation is indefensible. You can't just defend the double track system in the FSHS policy with contact hours. Any thoughtful person in the field of academia will consider vast factors.

Vincent could have respected the good people of Ghana by talking in this line or probably have produced us with the actual calendar the FSHS is hinged on. Ghanaian parents now have their wards enrolling in a system with no stipulated calendar. The GES just stand up at any ungodly hour to changed a very calender they've presented for an academic year with no sensitivity on the havoc that's comes along with it. It will interest Vincent to know that the academic calendar has changed twice only for this academic year which has not reach the even the middle stage. I'm therefore challenging him to produce the actual calendar the system is using. I know for sure he (Vincent) doesn't know how the system is even working.

When you get to the field; our SHS, effective studies ends at 2 pm. The documented closure times produced by his ministry and the GES only survive in the books and not on the field. The system has provided rigid and crooked timelines and is providing no effective supervision to ensure its doing. The above stated situation has reasons,first, students being exhausted and second, psychological perception that classes ends at 2:30 pm that needs to be cleared. With the former reason I ask, how do you force a tired mind to study. Absolutely impossible. I therefore caution him that data in books may look good but the grounds is in reality very horrible.

Vincent with his superiors should be ashamed when it comes to syllabus consistencies between the tracks. His posture gives the picture that the ministry of education is now only thinking of the crooked means to make the ill-prepared and defunct final students pass the WASSCE and not the prudent measures to salvage the problem associated with the double track. The ministry is on this approach just to score political points for the NPP in 2020. The ministry is taking a devilish stance and will go on to affect the students in the tertiary level.

If he Vicent is following the system carefully and has in depth knowledge in syllabus he will acknowledge that none of the forms will be able to complete even 70 percent unless the teachers rush lessons on students.

Vincent further goofed by concluding that if the opposition criticisms towards the double track system are valid, why would same system produce 8As in the making of master Wilfred Obeng. Wilfred Obeng is a form 3 students who took the WASSCE PRIVATE 2019 when he was in form 2. Vincent's comments on this subject got me shocked considering such infantile, low-level thinking justification he made. Did he (Vincent) ever enrol in the SHS before? There are naturally great students who will thrive even with no teacher at the SHS level but the question is how many are they? In our subregion, education encompasses all the deprived areas and so if you make analysis just on only one person then your competence in the education ministry is even questionable. Wilfred Obeng defied all odds and was selected at the expense of the final year students to represent KASS in the NSMQ 2019 when he was in form 2. What evidence will one need again that we are talking about an already cooked, intelligent student here? Vincent can meet Wilfred and hold conversation with the young chap. He will know the young man even completed most topics in all subject areas in General Science even before he enrolled the SHS.

It is so shocking the NPP we once knew sometime ago, preaching quality of education and not quantity and going further to extend SHS to 4 years in President Kufuor's administration now don't want to hear the word quality. Now under Nana Addo's administration NPP feels getting people to the schools by any means is just okay and prudent steps to be administered in order to sustain its quality is worthless.

Education just like Security and Energy is one of a nation's powerhouse. It would be a death trap trying to indulge politics in such sectors.

Supremo Mensa
Youth Activist

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