A Year On, Founder Of Karela FC Remembered!

By Koame Adonle Mieza–MA, BA
A Year On, Founder Of Karela FC Remembered!
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To laugh often and much: to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and to endure the betrayal of false friends. To appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, September 30, 2018, shall forever be remembered as the darkest day in the annals of the Pride and Passion Family [Karela United Football Club] because we lost Our Executive Director [Chief Administrative Director], Bankroller, Chief Scout, Humanitarian, a Legal Luminary, a Jewel and above all the Principal Passioner.

At the Inauguration of the Board of Trustees at Karela Hotel and Resort, Beyin on Saturday, May 10, 2018, these were the words of Senator Dr. David ‘‘Kabenla Saigha’’ Brigidi on what prompted him to acquire Metropolitan sporting Club on October 1, 2014: ‘‘the zeal and commitment of the players at the then Metropolitan Sporting Club coupled with the players’ belief that they could make a decent living out of football actually touched my soul and heart and with the able assistance of Coach Isaac Paha and Lawrence Saforo Kwakye Cudjoe, I was compelled to purchase the Sekondi based Club’’.

Our Executive Chairman, Senator David Cobbina Brigidi further elaborated that the name Karelaconnotes ‘‘God has remembered us’’, and it was a name conferred on his first child [a daughter]. He explained that the biggest brand of the Karela Holdings [which includes Karela Oil & Gas, Karela Farms, Karela Hotel and Resort, and Nimed Capital] is Karela United Football Club. The good Senator further echoed that after losing 9-0 to the then Feyernord Academy [now WAFA SC], he realized that sorcery, wizardry, and juju have no place in modern football and strongly argued that a good Nutritionist, a Psychologist, a well-grounded Gaffer, and an astute football Administrator are the key imperatives for the modern game.

Our father, Senator Brigidi always reiterated that with Commitment, Unity and Passion [CUP], Karela United Football Club will pass the test of time and become a force to be reckoned with in the Ghana Premier League and the Africa Continent and his motivational messages propelled all units within the Passion Family including the Patrons, Board of Trustees, Management Team, Technical Crew, Playing Body and our teeming supporters and fans to work extra hard for our dear Club.

Karela United’s glorious history as 2016/17 Division One League [Zone II Champions] and as a New Campaigner in the 2017/18 Ghana Premier League [3rd position after 15 Matches] was hugely facilitated by only one man and his name was Senator Dr. David ‘‘Kabenla Saigha’’ Brigidi. We indeed feel a very deep sense of loss but your spirit and character will forever live on. Ghana Football has lost one of the most practical and respected administrators of all times.

Senator’s captivating smile, appealing figure, engaging personality and interesting character won for him a very great veneration from many a football administrator from both Division One and Premier League Clubs. You made an immense contribution to the game of football and enriched the lives of everyone that came into contact with a colossus like you. You are a true gentleman whose immortality, in the chronicles of Karela United Football Club, Nzema Western Region and Ghana Football, is indubitably assured.

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. Indeed in spite of the many unsurmountable challenges which confronted Karela United Football Club, the savvy Saigha took very good care of his Playing Body, Technical Crew and the Management Team and was he ever ready to sacrifice everything he toiled for to always put a smile on the faces of his dear Playing Body and Technical Crew. He had a very good heart to listen to all sorts of problems from his Playing Body and Technical Crew, be it personal and or professional. He was always ready to forgive and forget our mistakes whenever we rendered unqualified apologies.

His commitment to the beautiful game was exemplified by moving his players from the New Stadium in Sekondi to be accommodated in his own apartment at Airport Ridge in Takoradi. His greatest passion to bring football to the doorsteps of his motherland [Nzemaland] came to fruition on Wednesday October 7, 2015 when Karela United Football Club moved from the Regional Administrative Capital of Sekondi to the Commercial Capital of Ellembelle District, Aiyinase. His pledge to construct a Mini stadium after only three months in Aiyinase was actualized when Crosby Awuah Memorial [CAM] Park was out-doored on Sunday February 7, 2016. He again charged the Management Team to ensure that Karela United Football Club got promoted to the Ghana Premier League within two seasons. Indeed with his strategic leadership, guidance and direction, we achieved a great feat for Nzema and Ghana Football on Sunday September 3, 2017 when Karela United Football Club qualified for the First time ever to the 2017/18 Ghana Premier League Season with a whopping seventy –three [73] points. These acts are more than enough alibi that you were indeed a true football gentleman par excellence. Nzemaland shall continue to adore your greatest achievement of bringing Ghana Premier League to their doorsteps – Yeye w) moo somaa!!! No wonder you were decorated as the 2016/2017 Nzema Personality of the Year.

Even on the eve of your demise, you reminded the Management team to hold the forth and you would very soon join us. We know you are here with us in spirit. We pledge to continue to work assiduously to ensure that Karela United Football Club remains in the Ghana Premier League for the next 300 years.

Your legendary hallmarks of Selflessness, Dedication to duty, Time-consciousness, Eloquence, Motivational speeches, High commitment to football, Humanitarian service, The Panacea of Our Problem, Great Sense of humour shall forever be remembered by all and sundry. Indeed, as the key discussant at our Managerial Meetings, you always spiced them up with Nigerian Pidgin Jargons such as, one day, monkey go go market, eii never go come back; as una they laugh say you win una match, I go dey laugh small, then my face go change because na me go dey pay winning bonus, abi; Aah! Aah! I beg gentlemen, make we break this meeting and go chop because we too na women born we; chaii!! ibi like this player na very bad market ooo, etc.

Your name would forever be engraved on our hearts and minds and the good virtues you taught us shall be held in very high esteem throughout our journey on planet earth especially the greatest lesson being the fact that, No Life is more secured than a life surrendered to Jehovah God.

It is interesting to note that just one year on, your last legacy is very fresh in our memories and guess what, these amiable memories are like a birthmark and truly worthy to last a lifetime.

Daddy as I proudly called you, did you know that your dream of seeing our players excel on the biggest African and World platforms have been duly fulfilled by William Opoku Mane Mensah [USA], Solomon AgueroSafo Taylor [Denmark] and Ourega Jean BakayokoVital [DR Congo]? Following successful trials in Hungary by Diawisie Costa Taylor and Emmanuel Kwame De BruyneKeyekeh, we have the ardent hope that these two Passioners would certainly lift the image of the Club to a very higher pedestal like their predecessors. The likes of Isaac Neuer Hagan, Diawisie Taylor, Moro Ibrahim and William Opoku Mensah have all received National Call ups in the Black Stars B.

Daddy, I know you are beaming with smiles and surely you would applaud us for that little effort.

We love you very much, Most Distinguished ‘‘Savvy Saigha’’ (aka Director) but we are also aware that your Maker (Jehovah God) loves you more after 56 years and now you are been kept near the Cross by Jesus Christ as MHB 199 reads:

In the Cross, in the Cross….
Be my glory ever…;
Till my raptured soul shall find..
Rest beyond the River.
Karela United FC Adores You!
Egya Kabenla! Tia bo3!!
Director! Daddy! Gya k))!!!
Savvy Saigha! Continue to rest well!!!!
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