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24.11.2019 General News

N/R: Evangelical Presbyterian College of Education holds maiden matriculation

By CitiNewsRoom
N/R: Evangelical Presbyterian College of Education holds maiden matriculation

The Evangelical Presbyterian College of Education in Bimbilla in the Nanumba North Municipality of the Northern Region has held its first matriculation ceremony after its affiliation with the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

In all, 401 students comprising of 247 males and 154 females were admitted to the college. They are to be trained as teachers.

In his speech, the Principal of the college, Ibrahim James Gurundow urged the matriculants to make good use of the various facilities in the school for a better stay on campus.

He further charged the students to do their bit in the process of moulding them to become the desired teachers that their families and the country need by taking their studies seriously.

''Please, I charge you to do your bits in the process of moulding you to become the desired teachers that your families, Ghana and the world need. Place your studies above all interest on campus, form healthy and learning groups to facilitate your learning and be disciplined to make informed decisions on your activities. Respect each other and your tutors,'' he said.

''Your tutors are poised to support you through this journey that you have started. Approach them when you have difficulties. You have academic counsellors, gender champions, we have the chaplaincy, guidance and counselling unit. All these are there to support you, please make good use of them,'' he added.

There has been an increase in the number of female students in the college.  This, the principal says, it is to offer more opportunities for the females to be developed and empowered to contribute meaningfully to the transformation of education in Ghana.

''I am glad to announce that the female enrolment of the school has surely increased this year from 107 to 154 and this is to offer females more opportunities to develop skills and be empowered to contribute meaningfully for the transformation of education in our dear country,'' he said.

The principal also called on stakeholders to play their roles well in order to bring the needed transformation in education for a brighter future of the students. He assured them of management’s readiness to ensure the success of the students.

''I want to call on all stakeholders to play their unique roles to deliver the needed transformation in education for a bright future of the students. Management is putting everything in place to transform campus to be conducive enough to make teaching and learning an enjoyable one,” he stated. Challenges

The college is faced with a number of challenges ranging from inadequate infrastructure, security and water as the biggest challenge.

Speaking to Citi News, some of the students enumerated the challenges they face on campus. They rated water and security as the main challenges adding that, the water situation on campus is taking a toll on academic work because they spend long hours in search of water

''We are encountering a number of challenges, we have issues of security, inadequate facilities like hostels and water.  The water situation on campus has been in existence for a long time. It will interest you how we are able to cope because it's not easy. We are using these yellow cans, and every week we spend GHS 7 on water. The water shortage is a serious challenge for us. We spend long hours in search of water instead of being in the class,'' one student said.


''We are very congested in our dormitories, 18 of us in a room with our boxes and bags. Security is another problem. We don't have enough toilet facilities and ladies are the most affected. At times you will be inside and hear someone shouting 'the man, the man' because she has seen someone looking at her when she goes into the bush. If there are enough toilets we would not be going into the bush for someone to get the opportunity of looking at you. The female hostel is located far from the class and the administration and so security is also a challenge to us. We are appealing to the authorities and government to come to our aid,'' another stated.

The principal of the college assured the students to remain calm as management is working seriously around the clock to resolve the situation.

''We are very committed to fixing the perennial shortage in the supply of water on campus. We are looking at ways of resolving it permanently by making water and internet connectivity readily available,” he said.