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20.11.2019 Book Release

‘The Chosen Generation’ By Bishop Dr. Charles C. Hackman

By Barbara Cobbina
‘The Chosen Generation’ By Bishop Dr. Charles C. Hackman

It only feels like yesterday when the entire world cheered, feasted, prayed and jubilated as the hourglass containing the sands of time was once again turned, ushering all into a new year – the year 2019.

The enthusiasm that marks a new year often propels many to set up new year resolutions with the resolve to make the most of their lives. Not many people however have the resilience to see their dreams, goals and visions through as passion begins to wane and the year is marred with misfortunes and the unexpected.

With few days to go before the end of the year, how can an individual rise up and bounce back in confidence, in the midst of challenges and soar to the highest heights? How can individuals move past their current realities of failures, rejection, detection and misfortune and embrace the plans and thoughts of God for their lives?

All these and more are addressed in the book ‘The Chosen Generation’ by Bishop Dr. Charles C. Hackman. In spite of the various seasons and stages of life, the choices and decisions made by the people of God can either mar their walk with God or propel them into a successful life. ‘The Chosen Generation’ carefully expounds the principles needed to be chosen of God and matter to this reformation agenda of God. It further hands over the keys needed for God’s people to live as the chosen generation by leaving the mundane things of life, leaning on God and leading in the major sectors of life.

Bishop Dr. Charles C. Hackman, Lead Pastor of Fire City Chapel and CEO of the H4P Organization, has proven himself a jack-of-all-trades and master-of-all displaying his prowess not just in preaching the word of God but also in the fields of business, media, arts and entertainment. Being a prolific speaker and writer, Bishop Dr. Charles C. Hackman’s latest addition to his literary works, ‘The Chosen Generation’, was launched during his recent consecration and induction ceremony into the office of a Bishop. The launch was done by Madam Ayida Jackson, a successful international entrepreneur. A fund raising was held afterwards via the sale of the Chosen Generation as part of efforts to raise funds to support projects for persons with disability.

On 2nd November, 2019, Bishop Dr. Charles C. Hackman was also awarded two honorary Doctorate Degrees (in Divinity and Humanity) by the Calvary Cross Clergy Council and Bible seminary in recognition of his great philanthropic works in the disability community in Ghana. Over the past eight (8) years, Bishop Dr. Charles C. Hackman through the H4P Organization has brought relief and assistance to persons living with disability. Through several life-transforming initiatives and projects, the lives of thousands of persons with disability have been impacted and changed.

Proceeds from the sale of ‘The Chosen Generation’ will be used for H4P’s disability advocacy campaigns to showcase the abilities of persons with disabilities. Copies of the ‘The Chosen Generation’ are available at the Administration Block of Fire City Chapel.

“When you want to achieve something great, you must be willing to put in great efforts and be willing to make great sacrifices.” – Bishop Dr. Charles C. Hackman