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04.10.2019 Technology

Mobile App Developed To Help Black People Avoid Xenophobia And Racism, Especially While Traveling

Mobile App Developed To Help Black People Avoid Xenophobia And Racism, Especially While Traveling
LISTEN OCT 4, 2019

Have you ever experienced racism or xenophobia while in a foreign country? Ever entered a business establishment, and they seemed unhappy or hesitant to serve you properly because of your race?

BillMari (formerly BitMari) is a Tech Startup that has developed a brilliant technology-based and people-driven solution to help with the safety of Black people from the harms & humiliations of racism & xenophobia especially when traveling around the globe; or in a new place.

The I Love Black People platform has been crowdsourcing Black-friendly and Black-owned businesses from all over the world being recommended by other Black people as safe places.

This ground-breaking solution is in the form of an application - The ‘I Love Black People Finder.’ It is currently being developed by the team and will be downloadable for free from Google Play Store and Apple Store, towards the end of November 2019. You will not be traveling for Christmas and New Year celebrations blindly!

The aim is to provide safety for Black people using existing technologies such as GPS and mapping technology and bundling-up all the businesses into a single user-friendly platform that will be freely accessible online. This application will help Black people traveling in and around new environments to be able to easily identify Black-owned and Black-friendly businesses around them where Black people are treated as equals with dignity and respect. The take-away is that your money is as good as anyone else’s, no matter your race.

Black Owned and Black Friendly businesses have been developed around eight essential categories, namely: Accommodation, Food, Transportation, Beauty, Education/Child-care, Healthcare, Legal, and Finance.

The movement has an ongoing I Love Black People Brand Ambassador selection process that invites people to participate, on a volunteer basis, by recommending businesses within their communities for other Black people to use. This global safety net of interconnected Black people will be the network upon which racial equality will flow. Thus far, the team has identified more than 8 000 businesses worldwide and registered more than 10 000 members.

Recent Xenophobic attacks in South Africa have been unfotunate, where Afrophobia resulted in Black immigrants from neighboring countries being prime targets of humiliation, harm, and hate by fellow Blacks. The safe travel of Black people is, therefore, become a necessity.

BillMari is the first of its kind to use technology to help Black People avoid the harm and humiliation of racism while navigating the globe. Being Black people as well, they too have had unpleasant travel experiences of racism and xenophobia hence realizing the crucial need for a technology-based solution that helps Black people avoid similar experiences when traveling.

I Love Black People is a project sponsored and powered by BillMari, which has placed upon itself the responsibility to provide technological solutions across the African Diaspora that tackle racism and xenophobia. Black is beautiful - that beauty ought to be recognized, respected, and celebrated.

Visit their website to learn more about this amazing project

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