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Scandal Rocks Islamic Institution

28.02.2006 LISTEN
By Dominic Jale, , The Sun

- GES Exposes Sudanese Director March 1 (the Sun) -- THE TEMA Municipal Directorate of Ghana Education Service (GES) has recommended the removal of Mr. Farah Mohammed Ismail,a Sudanese citizen from Ghana as a director of Mercy Islamic Social Centre, an educational institution which comprises orphanage, JSS and SSS at Ashley Botwe in Accra.

The recommendation was contained in a comprehensive investigations into allegations of sex scandal against Farah Mohammed.

Farah Mohammed, a Sudanese citizen who was appointed as the director of the center in May last year, by African Muslim Agency (AMA), a Kuwait base Islamic NGO was reported to have gone beyond his religious beliefs on fornication.

Farah Mohammed was cited in a case where he had been going out with some school girls after school hours and also attempted to rape two ladies at Adenta when he woo them on different occasion into a Guest House under the pretext of giving them wollen blanket.

The report said during the investigations two ladies who Farah attempted to rape, Sadia and Fati, during a separate interview corroborated the allegation that on a different occasion Farah lured them to a Guest House at Ashaley Botwe and attempted to rape them.

“They claimed they did not give in to Mr. Farah's demand for sex. Sadia tendered in a blanket as an exhibit which Farah had given on the day he attempted having sex with her,” the report captured.

Following reports by this reporter, the Tema Municipal Directorate of GES set up a six member committee to investigate the authenticity of allegations and counter allegations that had brought the center into disrepute. As part of the allegations Farah was arrested by WAJU of the Ghana Police Service to investigate the issue.

The GES also recommended the transfer of the headteacher of the school Mr. Yakubu Tanko because the Sudanese director was claiming that he was a threat to his life and that the headteacher was on double salary.

However the GES investigations emerged that allegations levelled against the headteacher, Mr. Tanko by the director that he was on double salary was unfounded.

The GES report said as at the time of investigation the relationship between Farah led management team and the community was sour and therefore urged the authority of AMA to transfer Farah from the country to avoid any trouble.

The report also recommended the need for the formation of School Management Committee with immediate effect.

Again the report signed by Mrs. Lucy Kwapong, Director of Education in the Tema municipality called for the review of the salaries of the workers at the center and the need for the workers to belong to a recognized union in the country. “For lasting peace to prevail in the Mercy Islamic Basic School, the recommendations above should be treated with the urgency they deserve. This should be without prejudice to the decision that might be taken by WAJU of the Ghana Police Service which is investigating the case between Mr. Farah and the three pupils,” the report said.

.However, it emerged during the investigations that Farah was indeed going out with some school girls during which he dolled out monies to them.

“During the interview, Farah admitted going out with three school girls and a boy called Kuzaifa. He said he saw nothing wrong with going out with them because as a center director he sought the welfare of the students, hence his desire to help them by going out with the girls,” the report said.

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