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18.09.2019 Editorial

A Painful Closure

By Daily Guide
A Painful Closure
LISTEN SEP 18, 2019

These are pensive times for the families of the missing Takoradi girls' news about whose fate was broken yesterday by the acting Inspector General of Police (IGP).

Ghana, indeed, shares in the grief being endured by the families. At such moments, the families could out of the pain in them refuse to consider what those not in their shoes would. We should bear with them and consider where possible their requests, if satisfying these, would inure to their interests during these rather difficult times.

Let them be consoled by the massive show of love and prayers by their compatriots.

Much as we would have wanted a positive outcome of the whole episode, the presentation to the country of the missing girls, of course providence, denied us our wish.

Much as we would have loved the healing process to start now for the families, we do not appear to be any close to that stage with the families still raising questions and somewhat being in expected denial of the DNA results.

We cannot begrudge the families their sentiments and convictions under the circumstances. To lose a daughter under the circumstances under review is unlike no other. They waited for about a year for the rescue of their children, but that was not to be in spite of the efforts applied.

The trauma associated with the near indefinite wait can kill the weak-hearted, but the families of the missing girls survived it.

News about the discovery of the skeletal remains which turned out to be those of the missing girls as the DNA showed was another phase of the long pain.

Their denial, as it were, by the parents cannot be dismissed, as doing so can only suggest inhumanness which is not an attribute of Ghanaians by and large.

Following the IGP's disclosure, a press conference has been organised by families of the deceased to express their sentiments.

Let us bear with the families as they endure the pain of not setting eyes on their daughters again.

Prayers and constant counseling of the families would go a long way in mitigating their pain.

Those who politicise the subject under review should bear in mind that their action is inhumane and exploitative of a sad situation.

We have, for instance, the attempt by some politicians to create the impression that the families of the missing girls only heard about the fate of their children during the IGP's press briefing.

Shouldn't we for once avoid politicising everything which drops on the media space because we are desperate for votes? The issue at stake is about the fate of four young girls whose parents are in town and following all developments pertaining to the subject. Let us respect the missing girls and their families.

The cheap politics which some of us are relishing would not take them anywhere because truth would always overwhelm lies. Shedding more tears than the bereaved only exposes the hypocrisy inherent in some politicians.

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