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16.09.2019 General News

Laws of politics and chieftaincy inconsistent: Desist from politics-Nketia to Chiefs

By Simon A. Tetteh
Laws of politics and chieftaincy inconsistent: Desist from politics-Nketia to Chiefs
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General Secretary for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Johnson Asiedu Nketia has emphasized the need for traditional leaders to distance themselves from engaging in political activities.

According to him the laws of politics and the laws of chieftaincy are inconsistent and that it’s essential for traditional leaders to desist from engaging in political discourse. In an interview monitored by on Okay FM, he opined that the laws preserves and maintain the dignity and respect for chiefs.

“It will be unwise to merge the laws of politics with laws of chieftaincy where a political law binds a chief and is met with divergent views of laws of chieftaincy that connotes disrespect to chiefs.”

He continued that some statements in politics differ contrary to the laws of chieftaincy which make the duo inconsistent “therefore a chief that indulges in political activities cannot demand that the laws of chieftaincy be applied in rare circumstance to shield him because politics is done according to the laws of politics and chieftaincy is done according to the laws of chieftaincy and that is inconsistent with each other.”

In his view merging the two is out of place and could destabilize the freedom and democracy of the country. He opined that one of the key reasons the 1992 constitution was able to stabilize the country’s democracy is the disjointing of the laws of politics from the laws of chieftaincy.

In his submission, he noted that no chief has the morale right to bar political parties from holding political rallies and campaigns in their traditional jurisdictions. “Constitutionally, no chief is legally mandated to restrict political parties from engaging in political activities in the area.”

Mr. Asiedu maintained that although some have contrary views, he strongly believe in the current law saying that “I’m motivated that the decision taken in the consultative assembly to separate the two laws is prudent and has contributed immensely to the development of the country.”

He however said the consequences emerging for those engaged in politics will be a lesson for others to desist from in the future.

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