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Responsible Parenthood Is Key To Poverty Reduction — Nana Obeng Enyan III

By Benedict Kweku Nkrumah
Responsible Parenthood Is Key To Poverty Reduction — Nana Obeng Enyan III
LISTEN SEP 3, 2019

Regent of Gomoa Benso in the Gomoa Central District of the Central Region, Nana Obeng Enyan III has said the key to poverty eradication in the country is responsible parenthood which would also lead to economic growth.

In an interview with this reporter at Gomoa Benso last Friday to mark her Annual Eguantodo (Stool Purification) Festival, Nana Obeng Enyan III who is also the Asonkwahene of the Gomoa Ajumako Traditional Area observed with concern the way and manner irresponsible parenthood was breeding indiscipline and crime related activities in the society.

She noted that most parents neglect their role of a family set up thus producing vagabonds all over the communities.

"Eguantodo (Stool Purification) is observed annually to remember positive contributions of our ancestors for the role they played towards the growth of the community socially and spiritually.

"This is the time to recognize the role they played to protect our land Spiritually. Before the white men brought their religion, our forefathers' ancestors were worshiping God in several ways.

"These lesser gods through which our forefathers were reaching God for divine intervention and protection are still alive and are protecting as. So as traditional rulers, we ought to continue these customs and traditions to perform the needed rituals for the spiritual growth of our people," Nana Obeng Enyan III stated.

Nana Obeng Enyan III who is also the Asokwahene of Gomoa Benso and Owner of Mother Care Orphanage and Welfare Home at Agona Swedru noted that the festival was celebrated annually to also shape the lives of the youth, elderly as well as parents saying it is their mandate as Traditional Rulers to sustain peace and development of their communities.

" I want to use this occasion to call on parents to be more responsible in the upbringing of their children. Children are a blessing from God and it therefore behooves on us as parents to trained them fit into the general society.

"It is sad that irresponsible parenthood is breeding hard drug addicts, prostitutes armed robbers and other antisocial vices which hinder to could not be associated with the people.

"I want to appeal to parents especially to ensure proper upbringing of their children and invest heavily on their education. The key to poverty-stricken communities is spiritual and moral training of our children who would cater for us at our old age. This is why am encouraging parents to come together in unison to ensure proper upbringing of their children to better their lives.

"This is the best legacy we can leave for generations to come if we admit that they are the future leaders," she emphasised.

Guantoahene of Gomoa Brofoyedur, Nana Bondzie Essuman I, lauded Nana Obeng Enyan III for her inspirational leadership skills which he said was spearheading the development of the youth in Gomoa and beyond.

He noted that the youth form the foundation of every society therefore there is the need for Nananom, Parents and various stakeholders to shape them morally.

" As traditional rulers, we must continue with what our forefathers left for us. It behooves on us to guide our youth to follow our footsteps. It's our mandate to teach them our culture to enable them perform the necessary rituals associated with our traditions.

"Let me use this opportunity to appeal to my colleagues in Traditional Authorities to leave lives worthy of emanating. We should eschew falsehood and rule with honesty.

"Double sale of land and other dishonesty attitudes from Nananom lead to crime related activities in our operational areas such as recent Land guards who are tormenting people who acquired their lands through the laydown procedures.

"I will like to call on the youth to be hardworking rather than resorting to quick way of getting money," Nana Bondzie Essuman I stressed.

On recent killing of two police officers at Gomoa Buduburam, Nana Bondzie Essuman I added his voice to the call by the residents of Buduburam Refugee Camp to be closed down completely.

According to him, the Refugee Camp was breeding criminals which contradict the lives and customs of the people in Gomoa.

"We cannot sit aloof for foreigners to come and tarnish the image of Gomoa and Ghana as a whole to the international community," Nana Bondzie Essuman I fumed.

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