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18.08.2019 Rejoinder

Gmantambo NPP Youth Wing Responds To Anonymous Facebook Abusers Targeting President Nana Addo

By Gmantambo NPP Youth Wing
Gmantambo NPP Youth Wing Responds To Anonymous Facebook Abusers Targeting President Nana Addo
LISTEN AUG 18, 2019

We read with discontent a write-up on social media by one anonymous user-Dobia Dobeli on the topic ‘Nana Addo visit to Bimbilla a Timing Bomb to Nanung Kingdom’. This thug out of block mindedness and a sheer lack of understanding of the Queen’s language sought to propagate lies against the President, H.E. Nana Addo.

Dobia Dobeli who is one of the lead faceless Facebook chieftaincy promoters and who only survive in a chaotic atmosphere such as in Nanung sown by their own proxies failed to present the truth about excerpts of the president’s speech.

This good for nothing individual could not make meaning of the president’s mentioned of a committee to look into the Bimbilla Nam. We want to remind absent-minded Dobia Dobeli and his accomplices, that the president’s interest in the Bimbilla matter is to see a substantive paramount chief of Bimbilla and not the regent. The records are available for all positive-minded persons to see. It remains your problem if you are deliberately refusing to accept that regents are not substantive chiefs. So, the president was never wrong when he mentioned that a committee would be looking into getting a real paramount chief for Bimbilla.

The president is a law-abiding leader and would not run into contempt of the court. If you really believe that performing the funeral of the regent father and getting a substantive paramount chief for Bimbilla is wrong, our advice is for you to go to court since you are a ‘democrat’.

We wish to reiterate that the president’s visit was not only historic but also an avenue for him to tell the good people of Nanung what his presidency has done so far. We are sure if you are a responsible person you have save some money which you would have used to pay school fees. Thank God there is no more school fees under Nana Addo. You should know the rotten state of the Bimbilla-Salaga road, which is being worked on under Nana Addo. We should not talk about Planting for Food and Jobs, because even with your irresponsible life you have abundant food to eat. You may want to visit Bimbilla Senior High School to see what is being done there. So, your claim that developmental gape has been created under Nana Addo’s presidency is baseless and a mark of frustrations.

We wish to state that Nanung has never been fortunate like it’s under Nana Addo government. The youth of Nanung are tired of you and your likes. Yes, we fought during the past one and half-decade. We want to move on now. You are at liberty to relocate we you do not want to see a united and a peaceful Nanung.

We are very happy to refer all those trying hard to see a single fault during the president’s visit to archives. There, we should know when and under who that violent breaks in Bimbilla. ‘One day One lawlessness’ is past and gone. Now is the era of ‘one day one progress.’

We take this opportunity to assure everyone in Bimbilla that the government is on course and we must smoke out all those who hide behind the unfortunate chieftaincy disagreement to make a living at the peril of peace and development.

Latif Muniru Secretary

Gmantambo NPP Youth Wing

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