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13.02.2006 General News

Extortion Galore on Aflao Road

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Accra, Feb. 13 (The SUN)-- THE MINISTRY of Finance and the Interior must act promptly to save Ghanaians who ply on Aflao road to the neighbouring countries from the reckless extortion by some police and custom service operatives.

Following countless complaint before THE SUN, by a number of Ghanaians who ply on the Aflao road the paper paid a surprise visit to the area to acquaint itself with first hand information last Thursday. When we set off around 6pm at Aflao it did not take much time when we met our first disappointment at a police barrier. At the end of the long inspection of the vehicle by the police they demanded ¢30,000 from the driver who returned to the car to inform the ladies who had duly paid duties on their goods from Lome to give him the money. At the end of the bagging they finally settled on 15000 cedis.

After they had been settled, the driver returned to his steering wheel and drove off.

This was the first disappointment.

After this barrier we came to a halt at another barrier where ¢10,000 was demanded.

This was the second disaster.

Five munites after we drove from the second extortion point we came across another extortionate point which infuriated the passengers on board as some of them started murmuring about the spread of police “check points” on the road.

From Aflao to Dabala junction this reporter counted about six checkpoints which could best describe as extortionate check-points. This is becuase none of the personel who mounted these check-points seem to be interested in the goods that were on board.

In all, from Aflao to Accra this reporter counted more than fourteen check points or barriers where police or custom personnel extort money from the traders at each stop to the disadvantage of the passengers.

'Even after Kpone main barrier we have to cross not less than two barriers where various monies were extorted from the traders before we finally arrived Accra. One trader in a chat with THE SUN called on the government to intervene to save them from the dubious practices of the security check-point on the road.